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Vol. 11 Num. 4 June 2012

A healthier diet for disaster recovery

Some upfront planning and a handful of non-proprietary products can make disaster recovery a whole lot easier. A while back, I found myself giving a dinner presentation on disaster recovery (DR) and data protection to an enthusiastic (and apparently quite hungry) group of IT operatives at a steakhouse in Calgary, Alberta. The event was sponsored by a vendor keen to promote its latest wares for disk/tape storage and ancillary processes like replication, mirroring, backup and archive. My presentation was the “hook” intended to pull folks in so the sponsor could follow up with a brief commercial advertisement. Typical of these events, there was the “meet and greet” as attendees arrived before everyone was seated for dinner. Then I was introduced, the old PowerPoint machine was fired up and we were off on a journey into the world of business continuity (BC) planning -- a subject that can only be enhanced by a medium rare filet mignon and a glass of wine. To be honest, there isn’t a lot of detailed content that can be communicated in...

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  • VM backup: almost too easy

    by  Rich Castagna

    Almost all the respondents to our latest survey have virtualized some or all of their servers, and consider backup a piece of cake. What other VM backup myths did they debunk?

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