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Jeff Byrne, Contributor Published: 18 Oct 2012

Virtual desktops offer some attractive benefits, but storage systems that aren’t up to the task can make it hard to realize those benefits. Organizations are increasingly adopting virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) to extend the benefits of virtualization from servers to user desktops. With VDI, each desktop is created as a virtual machine (VM) that’s centrally stored and managed in a consolidated server and storage infrastructure. VDI can provide IT managers with increased security and control, while users gain improved and more flexible access to their data and workloads. Other promised benefits -- such as better application performance, improved data protection, and simplified provisioning and management -- have proven more elusive. By far the biggest obstacle to these benefits has been inefficient storage. @pb Challenge 1: Poor performance One of the biggest VDI storage pain points is performance, which can be compromised when multiple VMs on the same server access shared physical resources at the same time. This can happen during “boot storms” when ... Access >>>

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