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Access "Poor performance? Maybe it’s the app and not the storage"

Published: 18 Oct 2012

When applications get bogged down, all eyes typically focus on the storage; but maybe we should take another look at the application itself. At an IBM conference a while back, I participated in a panel discussion and one of the questions tossed my way was one I seem to get all the time: “What do I need to do to my storage infrastructure to make my applications perform faster?” It seems like everyone points at the storage infrastructure to find the culprit for slow performing applications, which is logical given all the money EMC has spent over the years to lock in the notion that storage is where information lives. But I’m finding that storage itself is rarely the source of the problem. Yes, there are ways to speed up IOPS on a storage rig. As mentioned in last month’s column, one approach to expediting storage responsiveness is to use a variant of sub-LUN tiering that leverages flash solid-state storage, or memory generally, to service data requests. When data is written to a hard disk, and then exposed to frequent and/or concurrent requests for retrieval, ... Access >>>

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