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Published: 18 Oct 2012

There’s been plenty of technical innovation in the storage industry over the last 10 years, but in some cases, we’re still struggling with the same old problems. Happy birthday to us! Last month marked the 10th anniversary of Storage magazine, and after blowing out the candles on a virtual birthday cake, I got to thinking about how much has happened storage-wise over those 10 years. So I dug out some old issues, figuring I’d do some “remember when” reminiscing while getting a chuckle out of how primitive we were back then. I flipped the pages all the way back to May 2002 -- just the third issue of Storage -- and prepared myself for a good laugh. The first story that caught my eye had the headline “Remote Backup Services: The Road Not Taken,” and included the line “Getting remote workers to perform backups is like pulling teeth.” Ha! That’s so . . . so . . . so much like today, actually. Ten years ago storage managers were fretting over protecting data at their companies’ outlying locations. Today, there are far more technology alternatives, but the war is ... Access >>>

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What's Inside

    • Integrated cloud backup by Lauren Whitehouse

      One of the most expedient ways to realize the economic benefits of cloud storage is to integrate your current backup or DR operations with a cloud backup service.

    • Managing storage for virtual servers by Chris Evans

      It can still be a struggle at times, but managing storage in virtual server environments is better understood today, with tighter integration and more effective management tools.

    • Companies still rely on good ol’ NAS by Rich Castagna

      Traditional network-attached storage (NAS) is still the go-to for 81% of respondents in our new survey. And they want more: 51% will add an average of 10 new NAS boxes in 2012.

    • Storage for big data by Eric Slack

      Big data analytics will place new burdens on data storage systems. Here are some of the key features those systems will need to meet the challenges of big data.

  • Columns
    • A decade of progress; or are we standing still? by Rich Castagna

      There’s been plenty of technical innovation in the storage industry over the last 10 years, but in some cases, we’re still struggling with the same old problems.

    • A drive dies . . . when will another one come? by Jon William Toigo

      The impact of the flooding in Thailand on the disk drive supply chain was certainly real, but it looks like disk makers are spinning tales about shortages to justify price hikes.

    • Lots of choices for cloud backup by Jason Buffington

      The oldest cloud storage services have matured into a variety of data protection offerings that can meet the needs of most enterprises. But there are key points to keep in mind.

    • Turn the HDD shortage into a strategic opportunity by Arun Taneja

      With hard disk drive (HDD) prices rising and some models tough to find, there are steps to take to reduce your dependence on hard drives while gaining other benefits along the way.

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