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Published: 29 Oct 2012

Disk-based backups are more forgiving Increasingly, customers are turning to backup-to-disk (B2D) solutions to help address their backup challenges. Benefits include: Faster restore times due to the random access nature of disk Fewer backup failures due to tape drive, library and media failures More consistent backup throughput rates, as there's no backhitching effect found in tape drives when throughput drops below a given threshold Elimination of multiplexing, simplifying backup configuration In theory, tape can still meet or exceed the write performance of disk. However, users are finding that B2D solutions result in higher average write throughput, thus helping them shorten their backup windows. The higher throughput rates are attributable to the disk's random access, allowing users to optimize write I/O at any speed, thereby requiring significantly less tuning effort. Getting backups to complete before the new business day starts is an ongoing challenge. The advantages of faster tape drives and increased network bandwidth are often offset by the ... Access >>>

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      Disk thrashing

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