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July 2014 Vol. 13 No. 5

What you need to know about flash caching

Flash storage devices offer an effective way to eliminate data storage performance problems, especially when they're installed on the server where the application resides. Using flash as a cache for that application's data allows performance acceleration to be leveraged in an automated fashion, and it can accelerate both internal server storage and storage on a shared storage network. The challenge facing IT professionals is determining which flash caching alternative is best. There are three primary types of flash caching that you should consider when you need to improve storage performance: File-level caching Block-level caching Aggregated caching Each approach has its pros and cons; this article describes each one so you can select the right caching solution for your environment. Products for all these approaches typically install on a server in the environment that has access to flash-based storage that's either internal to the server or on a storage network. The most typical use case is putting flash storage inside the ...

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