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July 2014 Vol. 13 No. 5

Use of solid-state technology continues to climb

Four short years ago, only 36% of surveyed readers were using solid-state storage, but today, their data centers have gotten a lot flashier with nearly two-thirds (63%) reporting solid-state storage deployments. Back then, hybrid arrays were the most popular method of implementing flash in the data center, and it still is today with 38% running hybrid storage. But installing solid-state directly in servers has become a popular alternative, with 34% saying they have server-side flash. The latest rage -- and the priciest implementation -- is an all-flash array, and a surprising 26% have already opted for one of these sizzling systems. Companies currently using solid-state storage have been doing so for an average of a bit longer than 17 months, and the average installed flash capacity is 7.4 TB -- substantially more than the mere 1.5 TB reported four years ago. More impressive, however, is the average of 9 TB of planned solid-state purchases for this year -- an average that even includes the 21% who said they weren't buying any. ...

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