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Published: 17 Oct 2012

What's in vogue in data storage today can become a vague memory tomorrow. Figuring out which new technologies have staying power tests the skills and instincts of enterprise data storage managers. Storage blows hot and cold. Technologies that seem promising -- even those that manage to rack up some measurable market share—can suddenly seem old hat. Case in point: A lot of industry observers predicted that iSCSI storage systems would shake up the networked storage market and knock Fibre Channel (FC) off its throne, exiling FC arrays to a niche where only the well-heeled shop for expensive, high-performance storage gear. What we've actually seen with iSCSI is more of an evolution of data storage systems: a good idea that, instead of toppling the incumbent, has proven to be more of a gap filler and complement to the high-priced stuff. iSCSI adoption has been slow and steady; according to our surveys, approximately 40% of companies now have at least some iSCSI storage in place. But Fibre Channel still, undeniably, reigns supreme. In our most recent survey, where... Access >>>

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    • SAS drives showing up more and more

      Our monthly survey shows that more than 50% of respondents use SAS drives. With 6 Gbps SAS now available, SAS is poised to make an impact on various storage implementations.

    • Get control of NAS systems

      File storage is growing very quickly, leaving storage shops to grapple with multiple disparate NAS systems. But a number of technologies can make file storage more manageable.

    • 2009 enterprise data storage Products of the Year

      These 15 products rank as the best of 2009, as judged by a panel of users, analysts, consultants, and and Storage magazine editors. The list of top products is highlighted by several repeat winners who keep improving their products, and by relative upstarts who are breaking ground with newer technologies.

    • Storage networks get virtual by Dennis Martin

      The benefits of virtualization can now be applied to storage networks. Read how new products make it possible to pool and share storage networking resources.

  • Columns
    • Trend or just trendy?

      What's in vogue in storage today can become a vague memory tomorrow. Figuring out which new technologies have staying power tests the skills of enterprise data storage managers.

    • 10 ways to improve data protection in VMware environments by Lauren Whitehouse

      With backup vendors revising their offerings to take advantage of VMware vSphere's new features, an upgrade to vSphere could be a step toward better protection of your firm's data storage.

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