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Published: 02 Nov 2012

Servers are virtualized, storage is virtualized, but what about your storage network? New products now make it possible to pool and share networking resources. Storage network virtualization, also known as I/O virtualization (IOV) or I/O consolidation, comprises an emerging family of technologies that extend the concept of virtualization to the major types of input and output (I/O) handled by today's servers. In recent years, data centers have been deploying server and storage virtualization technologies to more efficiently use underutilized computing assets and to create more flexible infrastructures. In decoupling the logical function from the physical hardware, virtualization allows hardware to be pooled and shared, thus improving utilization. Once in place, virtualization makes new server or storage deployments much quicker and easier, while making it easier to effect changes to the existing infrastructure. For example, it's much easier to deploy new virtual servers than physical servers. And when storage systems are virtualized, many of the data ... Access >>>

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    • Storage networks get virtual by Dennis Martin

      The benefits of virtualization can now be applied to storage networks. Read how new products make it possible to pool and share storage networking resources.

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