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Vol. 3 No. 7 September 2004

Backup Vendors Tweak License Model

Heads up: The days of backup software pricing based on CPUs, hosts, clients, tape slots or application support may be numbered. According to Chris Van Wagoner, vice president of marketing at CommVault, a backup software provider, new pricing models such as monthly subscriptions or pricing based on capacity are being considered. The way backup software is priced today, "is a legacy of the evolution of client/server computing," Van Wagoner says. The problem is, "the old client/server architecture is evolving into a networked storage architecture, and the old pricing model doesn't map in a straightforward fashion." Take backup software that charges per supported tape drive. A tape library that hung off a single server before may now be shared among five servers. Assuming a host-based model, "How do you charge for that?" Van Wagoner asks. "Once or five times?" One alternative may be capacity-based pricing. Toronto-based Asigra Inc. recently announced an enterprise version of its Televaulting software, which was originally designed ...

Features in this issue

  • Hands-On Review: Onaro SANscreen 2.5.2

    by  Darryl Brooks

    Onaro's SANscreen takes the uncertainty out of making changes to a SAN environment by showing the effects of a change before it's actually implemented.

  • Storage at risk

    by  Jon Oltsik

    A new survey of Storage magazine readers by the Enterprise Strategy Group reveals that storage security is weak. IT staffs--with help from storage vendors--need to do more to secure storage.

  • Tape's new love affair with disk

    The marriage of tape and disk has spawned a new class of virtual tape products that promise faster, cheaper backup and recovery.

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