Dorian Cougias

Dorian Cougias Dorian Cougias
  • Dorian Cougias is the founder and CEO of Network Frontiers, a company that focuses on disaster recovery, security, and IT infrastructure consulting, training, and books. His latest work is  The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center 3rd Ed., Over the last twelve years, Dorian has overseen the launch, establishment, sale, and re-launch of Network Frontiers, has served as CIO of two of the leading Ad Agencies in the world, and has written extensively. He is an Adjunct Professor of Technology teaching courses in security and disaster-recovery at the University of Delaware, College of Human Services, Education, and Public Policy.

    Dorian continues to consult to clients with significant data management requirements. He works extensively with application developers such as VERITAS, NetIQ, PowerQuest, and Symantec and with hardware vendors such as Dell, Quantum, and StorCase to insure that the IT community understands the benefit of their products and in turn that the vendors address the needs of the administrator.


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