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Essential guide to desktop and laptop solid-state drives

The rising popularity of desktop and laptop solid-state drives is hard to ignore. Learn why solid-state storage is increasingly popular with laptop and desktop users, how it differs from customary hard drives, and more.


Solid-state drives are increasingly showing up in laptops and desktops today, as solid-state pricing continues to drop. Users seeking thinner, lighter laptops are gobbling up new devices running flash drives, and others are increasing performance with laptop and desktop solid-state drives.

Solid-state drives are different from traditional hard drives in a number of ways. Traditional hard disk drives consist of a spinning disk with a read/write head on a mechanical arm. An SSD, on the other hand, has an array of semiconductor memory organized as a disk drive, using integrated circuits rather than magnetic media. SSDs have much lower latency than HDDs, which translates to much faster laptop/desktop performance.

There are a number of things you should consider before adding an SSD to an existing computer, as well as before purchasing a new computer with a flash drive. This Essential Guide offers information on how to make wise choices about desktop and laptop SSDs, troubleshooting advice for users upgrading to SSDs, articles digging deeper into how the technology works, and a look at some PC market trends today.

1Laptop and desktop SSD-


This section offers information on solid-state drive technology so you can make smart decisions when choosing new laptops and desktops or upgrading older computers.


How to choose the right laptop SSD

Leah Schoeb, partner with Evaluator Group, discusses what you need to know before selecting the right laptop SSD. Continue Reading


Searching for, finding, and installing SSDs for laptops and desktop computers Bureau Chief Antony Adshead speaks with Chris Evans, an independent consultant with Langton Blue, about SSDs for laptop and desktop computers. Continue Reading


Boost laptop performance by installing SSDs

Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting explains why installing SSDs can improve the performance of a laptop computer. Continue Reading


SSD upgrade gives SMB aging PCs a performance uptick

TechTarget contributor Heather Clancy explains how MSPs can boost slow desktop and laptop performance by upgrading to solid-state drives. Continue Reading


How cloning HDD to SSD impacts data, both positively and negatively

Independent IT expert Kevin Beaver explains that HDD to SSD cloning can ease data access, but cautions that SSDs aren't without risks to data. Continue Reading


Choosing a desktop or laptop SSD? Here's what you need to know before making the selection

IT consultant and frequent TechTarget contributor Brien Posey outlines what you should consider before adding an SSD to your PC. Continue Reading


What to consider before deciding between a desktop or notebook SSD

J.R. Nelson, editor of, and Andrew Burton, editor of, discuss what you should know before replacing a laptop or desktop hard drive with a solid-state drive. Continue Reading


High performance in a small format made possible by shrinking SSD die sizes

Independent storage expert Marc Staimer discusses how flash vendors cram more capacity onto smaller chips as die sizes continue to shrink. Continue Reading


Monitoring wear on laptop SSDs

Learn what applications benefit from laptop SSDs and what tools are available to monitor wear on these drives in this Expert Answer from Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting. Continue Reading


How to ensure laptop flash drive partitions are properly aligned

Marc Staimer outlines how to ensure that your laptop flash drive partitions are aligned properly in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading


After installing an SSD in a laptop, what OS features should be turned off?

Learn what OS features should be turned off after installing an SSD in a laptop computer in this Expert Answer from Marc Staimer. Continue Reading


How Windows 8 Storage Optimizer handles storage management

Jonathan Hassell of The Sun Valley Group explains how Windows 8 Storage Optimizer handles storage allocation and how defragmentation has improved with Windows 8 SSD management. Continue Reading

2PC market trends today-


Learn about what's going on with SSDs in the laptop and desktop market today.


Ultrabook popularity drives SSD sales uptick

TechTarget contributor Linda Endersby discusses how the popularity of ultrabooks is driving a boom in solid-state drive sales. Continue Reading


IHS: SSD market on the rise, HDD segment on the decline

Demand for SSD almost doubled, helped by more attractive prince points and increased sales of ultrabooks and ultra-thin laptops, according to a report from IHS Technologies. Continue Reading


Gartner: Market segment shifts, but PC shipments remain steady

More availability of affordable touch-based laptops, price drops of thin and light laptops, and two-in-one hybrid laptops are attracting consumers today, according to a recent Gartner report. Continue Reading

3Terms you should know-

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