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  • Which VDI vendors will fill the Dell vWorkspace void?

    Dell is no longer selling licenses to new vWorkspace customers. Other midmarket desktop and app virtualization vendors will be scrambling to earn a piece of vWorkspace's market share.Continue Reading

  • The state of the software-defined storage market

    The software-defined storage market is getting a lot of attention these days, piquing the interest of budget-challenged storage managers. But the lure of software running on the cheap may be misleading if you're not ready for some DIY or to sacrifice some of the features you come to expect in storage systems. We profile the various iterations of software-defined storage, and offer detailed pros and cons of each.

    Some say that archiving is one of the key killer apps that will make cloud storage a popular option. There are some compelling advantages to shipping unused data off site, but you need to know about the sometimes subtle differences among these services.

    In our 10th Quality Awards for NAS systems, we had one surprise winner -- Synology -- and a NAS pioneer returning to the winner's circle after a short absence -- NetApp. Read about how your peers rank NAS products for their service, support and reliability.

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  • Windows workloads leap to cloud

    Regardless of hype, there are quite a few areas where cloud remains very much a work in progress. Take cloud bursting. This has long been IT's holy grail for cloud -- the ability to seamlessly expand capacity constrained workloads to outside of your data center to meet unexpected demand. But while it sounds good on paper, it's not as easy as it sounds.

    Running Windows rather than Linux in the cloud also hasn't been easy, but things are getting better. Technically, any infrastructure-as-a-service provider whose hypervisor exposes x86-based VMs should be able to run Windows.

    Speaking of Windows, you'd think that Microsoft Azure would be a shoe-in with developers looking for an easy-to-use cloud platform. Based off our recent #Hashtag feature, however, it seems Azure has its fair share of discontented developers.

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  • Data backup hardware buyers get good deals from vendors

    Buying data backup hardware has never been easy, but companies are leveraging vendor relationships to get discounts and other benefits.Continue Reading

  • Hyper-converged infrastructure forcing new thinking for networks

    Hyper-converged infrastructure not only drives new thinking about networks, it fundamentally changes some trusted networking techniques.Continue Reading

  • Protect your IT investment during turbulent times

    Businesses need to be ready in case their virtualization vendor is quickly acquired, reconfigured or goes out of business.Continue Reading

  • New data storage methods broaden IT horizons

    Data center managers have more choice than ever with SSDs, object storage and more, which means evolving ideas about the best methods of data storage.Continue Reading

  • Virtualization companies get high praise in enterprise survey

    When it comes to ease of use and licensing costs, virtualization companies like VMware, Citrix and Microsoft got some of the highest rankings.Continue Reading

  • Storage certification, training options abound

    Virtualization and long-term retention are only a few of the challenges IT departments face regularly. However, many find that storage certification and training programs can help.Continue Reading

  • Five cloud experts to follow on social media

    The cloud computing market is growing and evolving at lightning speed. To keep up, follow five of the top cloud experts in 2015 on social media.Continue Reading

  • Cloud-based disaster recovery: Just add data for instant recovery

    Cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) is shaping up as a killer app for the cloud. It’s cheaper than other DR arrangements, can be implemented quickly and recoveries can be lightning fast. It’s a pretty direct route to solid data protection, but there are key decisions to make and some gotchas to watch out for.

    Many companies want the convenience of a storage cloud service, but don’t want to ship their data off-site. OpenStack, an open source collection comprising a cloud operating system, an orchestration layer and service apps, can use existing storage resources to create an internal cloud storage service.

    NetApp, EMC and Dell all earned high marks from users in the ninth annual Quality Awards service and reliability survey for NAS systems. EMC and Dell finished in a virtual dead heat in the enterprise division, while NetApp outdistanced EMC by a slightly wider margin in the midrange group.

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  • Tools to manage virtual server storage

    Virtual server storage threw a monkey wrench into the works of supervising storage, but a well-assembled toolkit can restore comprehensive management.Continue Reading

  • IT as a Service transforming traditional IT departments

    Today, end users can easily sidestep IT to get the app they need. This new competition is prompting IT to take action -- delivering IT as a Service -- to stay relevant.Continue Reading

  • EMC, Intel unveil new Hadoop distributions, but how many is too many?

    IT heavyweights EMC and Intel have entered the big data ring with new distributions of Hadoop, adding more contenders to an already crowded field.Continue Reading

  • Vblock architecture gains new configuration; VCE integrates EMC data protection apps

    At EMC World 2012 in Las Vegas, VCE announces a new Vblock architecture package, the Series 700 Model LX, as well as integration with EMC’s Avamar, Data Domain and RecoverPoint products.Continue Reading