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    Managing mobile costs is a challenge for all organisations, especially as responsibilities and budget authority often sit in several places—IT, finance, personnel, managers and, of course, the empl...

  • enterprise mobility management (EMM)

    Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is an all-encompassing approach to securing and enabling business workers' use of smartphones and tablets.

  • Go Mobile 2014

    Date: October 13-15, 2014 Location: Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas, Dallas, TX

  • How OpenStack Block Storage differs from traditional block storage

    OpenStack Block Storage differs from integrated stacks of traditional block storage, says IDC analyst; it's more akin to storage virtualization.

  • Networking server-based storage

    Direct-attached or server-based storage is gaining renewed attention as emerging techs offer ways to pool and share this scalable storage resource.

  • Could CRM platforms make ERP irrelevant?

    CRM platforms could connect traditionally back-office applications such as ERP systems, HR and so on. Could CRM make ERP irrelevant?

  • mobile desktop virtualization

    Mobile desktop virtualization is the delivery of a virtual machine (VM) image that runs business applications to a tablet or smartphone.

  • Mobile cloud storage best practices

    In the September 2012 cover story of Storage magazine, Phil Goodwin examines the immediate need for better mobile backup processes, highlights the unique benefits cloud services can provide for add...

  • Cloud-based DR to the rescue

    Disaster recovery (DR) scenarios used to require dedicated or rented alternate data center sites, but cloud storage services have helped slash the cost of getting data offsite in a recoverable mode. Pairing...

  • Mobile CRM apps aim to connect smartphones, contact centers

    Customers won’t start from scratch with new mobile app “bridge” programs that transfer their information to contact centers.

  • CRM development: Building apps on top of CRM systems

    Companies are turning to CRM to build new customer-facing applications. Does this kind of CRM development save time and money?

  • Who's making the decisions about today's IT purchases?

    ESG data shows users are making more and more rogue IT purchases. Here's why it's happening and how IT can mitigate further risks.

  • Forging the path to tomorrow's CRM

    Perhaps no two words have more of an effect on business today than "customer experience." Consumers have a wealth of options for buying products and services -- and they're not shy about letting the social...

  • Cloud storage for mobile devices

    Workers are more mobile than ever and taking data along on a variety of devices that require new methods of delivering, protecting and backing up corporate data.

  • Are CRM software subscription models the future?

    Companies' success with subscriptions has been mixed. But CRM subscription models provide key customer insight, says expert Denis Pombriant.