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  • What are VMware VVOLs and how do they work?

    VMware's new Virtual Volumes allow virtual machines and applications to be better allocated to storage. The feature is now available in beta.

  • Five steps to an Amazon CloudSearch data search

    In this tip, Judith Myerson reviews the five steps necessary to build search indexes using Amazon CloudSearch, a helpful tool for building search indexes for documents in the cloud.

  • Understanding the connection between AWS, DevOps

    David Linthicum explains the connection between AWS and DevOps, how it brings together development and operations to produce better applications and reduce the time it takes to improve and deploy t...

  • RADOS (Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store)

    Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS) is an object storage service with the ability to scale to thousands of hardware devices by making use of management software that runs on each of...

  • canvas fingerprinting (CPF)

    Canvas fingerprinting (CPF) is a surreptitious online user tracking technique that relies on minute differences in text or images drawn on command by users’ browsers. This definition of canvas fing...

  • FAQ: The basics of the cloud and SOA

    Some people may think SOA is irrelevant because of the cloud, while others assert the cloud and SOA go hand in hand.

  • Software-defined technology that you should know about

    No matter what word follows the phrase "software defined," it catches IT professionals' attention. Here's a deeper look at the different software-defined options.

  • Key players to consider when comparing cloud providers

    Cloud providers offer the same basic service. However, different providers cater to different customers.

  • mPOS (mobile point of sale)

    An mPOS ( mobile point of sale) is a smartphone, tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal (POS terminal).

  • What Amazon CloudWatch Logs can and can't do

    There are a lot of tools available to manage AWS resources, including the native CloudWatch Logs. So, what exactly does it do and is this monitoring tool right for your enterprise?

  • bring your own cloud (BYOC)

    BYOC is a movement whereby employees and departments use their cloud computing service of choice in the workplace.

  • employee productivity

    Employee productivity is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers. Productivity may be evaluated in terms of the output of an employee in a specific period of time. This defi...

  • Developing a compliance awareness training program

    Developing a compliance awareness training program is key to preventing accidental internal compliance breaches. Expert Mike Chapple explains the steps to follow when starting such a program.

  • Improve network availability with Amazon Route 53

    Route 53 is an Amazon service that gets less attention than some of the others, but that doesn't mean it's not important. This scalable DNS service can improve network availability and reliability.

  • data sampling

    Data sampling is a statistical analysis technique used to select, manipulate and analyze a representative subset of data points in order to identify patterns and trends in the data set being examin...

  • Getting started with Amazon CloudFront

    George Lawton explains best practices for Amazon CloudFront, a new content distribution network service now available for speeding the delivery of static and dynamic content using a variety of tech...

  • SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud)

    SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) is the concept that four technologies are currently driving innovation in business.

  • Conquer the endpoint backup challenge

    Endpoint backup has typically been left to end users or ignored altogether. However, the increased use of smartphones and tablets is driving interest in the technology. Also, the software is evolving and...

  • Modernizing data center protection

    Today's workforce is increasingly mobile and BYOD has taken hold in many organizations. The use of devices not connected to a local network is a challenge for IT staffs tasked with protecting data on those...

  • Understanding the risks of cloud computing

    Understanding the risks of cloud computing is key to protecting a cloud-centric enterprise. Ravila Helen White explains the three must-know dimensions of cloud risk.