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  • RSA Security

    RSA Security is a United States-based organization that creates encryption, network and computer security products. Ron Rivest Adi Shamir, and Len Adleman founded RSA as an independent company in ...

  • What VMware needs to do to convert the vSphere Web Client haters

    Security and speed issues dog the vSphere Web Client, but will VMware listen to its users?

  • Top treasury management software features for buyers

    Hyoun Park lists critical features finance managers should look for when evaluating treasury management software.

  • The 2014 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards categories

    Find judging criteria and category descriptions here for the 2014 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards.

  • Top IT news stories from IBM, Dell and Red Hat

    Did you miss what happened at Dell, IBM and other major tech vendors so far in 2014? Here are the top five data center news stories to keep you in the loop.

  • cloud storage gateway

    A cloud storage gateway is a hardware- or software-based appliance that serves as a bridge between local applications and remote cloud-based storage. The appliance is located on the customer’s prem...

  • MEAPs losing ground to other mobile app dev options

    Mobile enterprise application platforms continue to improve, but mobile application development platforms offer businesses more flexibility. The rapidly changing market can make it hard to stay cur...

  • interruption science

    Interruption science is the study of how disruptions from current tasks affect employees on the job. As part of the larger field of workplace psychology, the study explores the impact of interrupti...

  • What you need to know about switch upgrades

    Next-generation switches have a lot of capabilities, especially as vendors retool their product lines to support application awareness and other features. But make sure you get the switch you need.

  • goldbricking

    Goldbricking is wasting time on the job. In an office environment, employees typically waste time on the Internet, a variation of goldbricking known as cyberslacking. The term originates from a phr...

  • Intel experiments with mindfulness to combat digital overload

    To combat the negative effects of multitasking, a handful of Intel employees took matters into their own hands and introduced a mindful awareness program.

  • VMware alternatives offer users opportunity to change

    VMware isn't the right fit for everyone, so what's the next step? There are options, like cloud, if you want to move away from VMware.

  • Build a WCM architecture that supports business needs

    WCM has become a key element of the marketing and customer engagement efforts that support a business. A solid Web content architecture is crucial.

  • Separating DevOps from the future-driven cloud orchestration

    Applications are getting complicated and finding the best tools is tough. Cloud orchestration and DevOps can help, but they aren't quite the same thing.

  • Tracking user activity with AWS CloudTrail

    AWS CloudTrail is a Web service that keeps track of AWS API calls in your account and stores logs from multiple accounts and multiple regions in the same S3 bucket. Learn to turn on AWS CloudTrail ...

  • Using Windows Server 2012 R2 disk optimization

    When it comes to the vital task of disk optimization, proper use of RAID and awareness of workloads can make the difference.

  • mobile desktop virtualization

    Mobile desktop virtualization is the delivery of a virtual machine (VM) image that runs business applications to a tablet or smartphone.

  • Wearable computing devices and the rise of single-purpose technology

    Wearable computing can gather data that gets crunched in real time with a device as small as a USB stick. But wearables are mostly single-purpose.

  • Big data security analytics: Facebook's ThreatData framework

    Expert Kevin Beaver explains how enterprises can take a page from Facebook's ThreatData framework security analytics to boost enterprise defense.

  • air gapping

    Air gapping is a security measure that involves removing a computer or network from any externally connected network physically and also ensuring there is also no wireless connection. The NSA TEMP...