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  • Red Hat brings GlusterFS to Amazon cloud

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 10 Feb 2012
  • Red Hat has been tweaking and expanding the NAS storage products it acquired from Gluster last October. This week Red Hat brought GlusterFS to the cloud with an appliance for Amazon Web Services ...

  • Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure top performers in Nasuni stress tests

    Sonia Lelii - Senior News Writer 14 Dec 2011
  • Nasuni is in the business of connecting its customers’ cloud NAS appliances to cloud service providers in a seamless and reliable fashion. So the vendor set out to find which of those service ...

  • Mozy customers balk at cloud backup price increase

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 02 Feb 2011
  • When EMC’s Mozy told customers this week it was raising prices on its home cloud backup service, company execs said the hike for most customers would be $1 per month. That would come to $5.99 for ...

  • Sepaton prepares enterprise cloud backup model

    Dave Raffo - Editorial Director 13 Dec 2010
  • Backing up to the cloud started mainly as an option for smaller companies, but enterprise backup vendors see it moving up into the enterprise. CommVault and Symantec have made their backup software ...

  • Amazon fleshes out S3 sneakernet

    Beth Pariseau - Senior News Writer 17 Aug 2009
  • Amazon now supports data export from its S3 storage cloud onto customers' removable hard drives. Amazon first opened up this "sneakernet" for import/upload to the Amazon cloud earlier this spring, ...