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December 2013

  • ZFS

    ZFS is a local file system and logical volume manager created by Sun Microsystems Inc. for highly scalable storage.

  • Tarmin revamps 'data-defined' GridBank object software

    Tarmin adds platform support and performance enhancements to its GridBank object storage for data analytics and discovery.

  • Five questions to ask when choosing a data archiving technology

    Many factors need to be considered when determining what the right archiving platform is for you. Jon Toigo highlights the most important in this tip.

  • read cache

    A read cache is a computer storage component that temporarily keeps a copy of data from a slower permanent storage location in order to accelerate the fulfillment of future requests for the data.

  • Get ready for the 12 Gbps SAS drive

    New 12 Gbps SAS technology will usher in SSDs, HDDs and HBAs according to the SCSI Trade Association president.