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May 2010

  • What is a clustered storage system?

    Discover the differences between clustered storage systems, distributed computing systems and mainframe systems as they relate to enterprise data storage environments.

  • Unified storage benefits, implementation and challenges

    Unified storage, or multiprotocol systems, enable block and file data to be stored in a single system. Learn how to implement, deploy and manage a unified storage system.

  • Data classification trends: Classifying native applications for enterprise data storage

    The latest trend in data classification is classifying data in native applications. Learn about the data classification process and get advice before starting a data classification project.

  • enterprise storage

    Enterprise storage is a centralized repository for business information that provides common data management and protection, as well as data sharing functions, through connections to numerous (and ...

  • ADSTAR Distributed Storage Management (ADSM)

    ADSTAR Distributed Storage Management (ADSM) is a collective term for IBM's family of high-end software that helps a customer manage the storage devices (such as mainframe storage, PC disk drives, ...

  • Digital data created in 2020 forecasted at 35 zettabytes; cloud computing will manage data growth

    An IDC Digital Universe study estimates amount of digital data created per year will be 35 zettabytes by 2020; forecasts cloud computing will play an integral role in managing data growth.

  • The business of storage

    A storage vendor may have a great technology, but the bottom line is how fit it is for survival in the marketplace. So put down that spec sheet and pick up the business section.

  • Content chaos

    The world of file content and NAS storage is disjointed and fraught with error; we need to unravel the problem of massive file stores before the issue gets too big to handle.

  • Taking control of storage operational costs in 2010

    The deep freeze in IT spending is starting to thaw and IT organizations are shifting from cost-reduction mode to cost containment.

  • Storage managers can reach for their wallets again

    The outlook for data storage managers in 2010 is a little brighter according to our Storage Purchasing Intentions survey. Find out what technologies respondents are looking at.

  • Storage tiering getting more automated

    In our survey, 50% of respondents use a tiered system in their storage shops, about the same as last year. But more automated methods are being used to move data from tier to tier.

  • Alternatives to RAID

    RAID has been around for a long time and done a good job of protecting data. But high-capacity drives and new performance demands have spurred development of RAID alternatives.

  • Hard disk drive technology trends

    Solid state is emerging as a viable enterprise storage alternative, but there's lots of life left in hard disk drives, with higher capacity, greener and more capable drives coming.

  • Coming in Storage magazine's June 2010 issue

    A sneak peek at Storage magazine's next issue.

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