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  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads (Chicago 2006)

    Storage managers are hitting a crossroads in 2006. Data in virtually every organization continues to grow at a breakneck pace -- and to keep up, storage networks continue to be built out. This effort


  • Booting from a DASD

    We have a Windows 2000 server with an HBA Emulex LP8000 boot from a Disksubsystem Hitachi Lightning 9960. The topology for the SAN is fabric switch. Booting from a DASD works fine but I read in the


  • Software polices Windows storage

    Software polices Windows storage

    Nashua, N.H.-based NTP Software


  • Storage Clips: Hitachi introduces Centera competitor

    Daily compilation of storage news:

    Hitachi introduces Centera competitor
    Hitachi Data Systems Inc. (HDS) announced it has entered the content-addressed storage (CAS) market, previously...

  • Will IBM's new Shark make a splash?

    There has been an undercurrent of mixed emotions among users and experts over IBM Corp.'s Enterprise Storage Server --code-named Shark -- since its debut two years ago, but Big Blue could silence the


  • IBM goes back to the drawing board

    There has been an undercurrent of mixed emotions among users and experts over IBM Corp.'s Enterprise Storage Server --code-named Shark -- since its debut two years ago, but Big Blue could silence the


  • Group releases full storage benchmark results

    One month after completing its first-ever benchmark tests


  • Dedupe myths and methods

    Data deduplication products can dramatically lower capacity requirements, but picking the best one for your needs

  • Enterprise-ready VTLs

    Most virtual tape libraries will accelerate backups, but there are key differences among them when it comes to scaling,

  • SNW Roundup: Sun adds data deduplication to VTL

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Sun Microsystems is launching its first virtual tape library (VTL) with data deduplication at Storage Networking World.

    The Sun StorageTek VTL Prime is the third member of


  • Virtual tape libraries in depth

    For disk-based backup, VTLs have been a relatively easy way to replace traditional tape libraries. With added features such as deduplication, they can be an attractive alternative to other disk target


  • HP storage: What went wrong?

    By all accounts, Hewlett-Packard Co.'s storage division has had a miserable week. First it got slammed in the courts for infringing


  • Use storage more efficiently

    Getting the most out of what you already have isn't just smart, it might be the only way to keep your storage shop alive and well.

    Data storage efficiency is often an elusive target


  • The skinny on data deduplication

    Data deduplication products drastically cut the amount of data you need to back up, but the way these systems reduce and store data varies.

    Data deduplication changes all the rules in


  • Cut data down to size

    Data-reduction technologies are emerging as key components of data protection products. By reducing the amount of data stored, you can cut storage costs and gain greater backup efficiency.


  • Solid-state storage finds its niche


    Still extremely expensive vs. traditional media, solid-state disks can make a convincing economical case for some

  • Catching up with deduplication

    Deduplication backup products differ in how they recognize and reduce duplicate data. Here's how to pick the product that will best fit into your environment.

    Backup has seen the future


  • IBM makes several announcements regarding the 2105 ESS

    IBM recently made multiple announcements for the 2105 Enterprise Storage Server (Shark).

    • Support for 72.8GB disk devices
    • New

  • Midrange NAS arrays product specifications

      The following cross-section of midrange NAS arrays was selected based on input from industry analysts and SearchStorage.com editors. The specifications,


  • SAN holdouts

    Better disk utilization. Better scalability. Improved data availability. These are just a few of the advantages supposedly awaiting enterprises making the move from direct-attached to networked storage