• February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    NetEx HyperIP 5.5

    NetEx's HyperIP 5.5 software enables faster WAN data replication and recovery by accelerating TCP applications using standard Internet connections. HyperIP provides an alternative to dedicated point-to-point data lines, and is available in a ...  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    Brocade DCX Backbone

    The Brocade DCX Backbone network switching platform allows administrators to consolidate servers and SAN switches, while increasing application service levels and energy efficiency.  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) 5.0

    Riverbed Technology Inc.'s Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) 5.0 reduces the hardware footprint in remote locations by virtualizing edge services, accelerating app performance and simplifying remote-location administration. Version 5.0 offers an ...  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    VMware Storage VMotion

    VMware Inc.'s Storage VMotion software adds the ability to migrate running virtual machine disk files within and across data storage systems with no downtime, ensuring continuous service availability and transaction integrity.  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    Nirvanix CloudNAS

    Nirvanix Inc.'s CloudNAS can transform any Linux or Windows server at a customer site into a virtual NAS gateway to the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network's (SDN) encrypted offsite storage. The main distinguishing characteristic of the Nirvanix ...  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    NetApp Deduplication

    NetApp Deduplication is a simple command-based feature that's free to users of the company's Data Ontap operating system, which is part of all NetApp FAS Series and V-Series storage systems. Users can schedule deduplication for off-peak times and ...  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    Storage magazine February 2009 issue PDF

    Download Storage magazine's all-digital issue at no cost.  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    Storage shops holding up under economic stress

    Whether budgets are up or down, most storage managers are doing some belt tightening, ready to forego some features or performance in favor of lower price tags.  Continue Reading

  • February 16, 2009 16 Feb'09

    Coming in Storage magazine's March 2009 issue

    A sneak peek at Storage magazine's March 2009 issue.  Continue Reading

  • February 13, 2009 13 Feb'09

    Storage Headlines for 02-12-2009

    Here are some stories you may have missed this week: [display_podcast] Stories referenced: NetApp feels recession’s sting IBM unleashes updates for DS8000, XIV, deduplication and cloud SMBs go for ...  Continue Reading

  • February 12, 2009 12 Feb'09

    NetApp feels recession's sting

    Judging by NetApp's results, the spending slowdown storage vendors feared this year hit hard in January. Because NetApp’s last quarter ended Jan. 23 instead of at the end of December, it became the ...  Continue Reading

  • February 12, 2009 12 Feb'09

    VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0

    VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) automates much of the DR process. You can create a DR plan that defines how virtual servers will failover based on the apps they host and their criticality. SRM then tests the automated failover scenarios without ...  Continue Reading

  • February 12, 2009 12 Feb'09

    Arizona city turns to startup Tarmin for archiving

    To get rarely used data off of the primary storage system, the city of Safford, Ariz., picks GridBank archiving software from newcomer Tarmin Technologies over larger and more expensive alternatives from EMC and other big storage vendors.  Continue Reading