• September 30, 2008 30 Sep'08

    Let’s manage data, not just storage

     (Ed. Note: this guest blog comes from Siemens Medical Solutions storage administrator Jim Hood in response to the editorial in the July Storage magazine, Dedupe and virtualization don't solve the ...  Continue Reading

  • September 30, 2008 30 Sep'08

    OnStor and Nexsan team up on low-end NAS

    The latest partnership from OnStor and Nexsan produces a low-end NAS bundle. While the 4U NAS system was anticipated by loyal Nexsan channel partners, it may take some time before they warm up to this partnership with OnStor.  Continue Reading

  • September 26, 2008 26 Sep'08

    Financial forecast calls for gloom

    Until now, the storage industry has held up well this year in the face of any economic slowdowns - even those affecting the financial services sector. But with the economy's problems taking center ...  Continue Reading