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May 2008

  • Automate storage management

    IT process automation tools provide workflows that can help automate manual storage management processes. The real value is when these workflow engines are integrated with storage management apps t...

  • Hot Spots: Just say 'Yes' to a new IT strategy

    Software will increasingly transcend the self-imposed technology barriers that have evolved in larger data center environments. The ability to create policy-based programs that not only automate pr...

  • Big files create big backup issues

    Big files and millions of files clogging storage systems can create big backup headaches. While there's no quick fix to the problem of big backups, there are many effective approaches, including ad...

  • EMC qualifies 8 Gbps HBAs

    EMC qualifies 8 Gbps Fibre Channel HBAs; Zmanda offers CDP for MySQL databases; Hitachi rolls out 7,200 rpm notebook drive.

  • The enterprise archive of tomorrow

    Regulatory compliance, litigation and corporate governance, which all mandate that data be secured for years, if not decades, are responsible for creating a new approach to archiving. Archives are ...

  • SunGard plans cloud-based disaster recovery for VMware

    SunGard and VMware forge a partnership for DR services based on VMware's Site Recovery Manager, and SunGard says the duo will offer a cloud-based option for secondary data centers.

  • HP previews Web 2.0 storage system

    HP's StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System, which combines HP blade servers, clustering software and big chunks of JBOD storage, may be HP's answer to EMC's upcoming Hulk.

  • What you need to know before implementing NAS clusters

    Now that we've examined the reasons why clustered NAS is getting more popular with storage managers and dispelled the biggest myths about clustered NAS, you're almost ready to deploy a clustered NA...

  • Riverbed says testing validates its AutoCAD stance

    Riverbed claims that analyst-validated testing indicates its WAN optimization competitors have the same problem deduping AutoCAD 2007 drawing files.

  • Mimosa adds file archiving to NearPoint

    Mimosa's NearPoint data compliance archiving system allows customers to fold in file data along with email for litigation support and storage management.

  • Storage vendors boost support for Microsoft apps

    Brocade, Emulex add support for Virtual Machine Manager; Dell/EqualLogic integrates Exchange snapshots; Bocada reports on DPM inside Microsoft.

  • Evaluate your knowledge of NAS protocols and performance

    Are you a NAS nerd or a NAS neophyte? Take our final exam and evaluate your knowledge of NAS protocols and performance. This quiz isn't for the weak.