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April 2008

  • Dell sees SaaS providing support, systems management

    Now that the acquisition of SaaS player MessageOne has closed, Dell plans to roll out services to protect data and manage systems remotely. Some view Dell's SaaS rollout as an attempt to create a t...

  • Sun pushes do-it-yourself storage

    Sun pushes a do-it-yourself approach by offering OpenSolaris customers online documentation and support services for creating open source storage.

  • Host bus adapter (HBA) architecture explained

    HBAs are integral pieces of a SAN environment -- they connect the server to the SAN -- but few storage administrators know how to configure them.

  • NetApp researching self-healing, long-term archive

    NetApp is working with researchers at a California university to develop disk-based, low-power self-healing archive hardware meant to last decades.

  • holographic disk drive

    A holographic disk drive is a holographic storage device that uses a laser to store data to optical media in three dimensions, maximizing storage capacity by using the media's depth... (Continued)

  • Riverbed, Emulex revenues dip

    Citing a tough economy, these two storage companies say their revenues slipped from the previous quarter; Western Digital to ship 10,000-rpm, 300 GB SATA disk drive.

  • Storage vendors teaming up to streamline e-discovery process

    New alliances among storage and legal compliance vendors are giving storage administrators faster ways to retrieve data for litigation in the e-discovery space.

  • Learning Guide: Firewalls

    How to select the right firewall for your needs

  • EMC's Tucci: Thin provisioning mandatory but won't affect storage spending

    CEO Joe Tucci says that EMC will offer virtual provisioning -- EMC's term for thin provisioning -- in all its disk arrays by summer, but that it will not impact storage demand or revenues.

  • How many bytes for...

    This page provides tables and other information about how many bytes are required (how much computer storage) for various information objects or purposes; it also summarizes some facts that have be...

  • Kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi, pebi, and all that

    Kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi, pebi, and exbi are binary prefix multipliers that, in 1998, were approved as a standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in an effort to eliminate the ...

  • Quiz: Data Storage

    Computer storage is the holding of data in an electromagnetic form for access by a computer processor.

  • Kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, and all that

    Prefix multipliers are used in data storage, data communications, electronics, and physics to denote extremely small and large quantities. Read definitions for terms including kilo, mega, giga, ter...

  • How to create an RFP for NAS

    Creating an RFP will help you boil your NAS vendor choices down to a manageable few. And your NAS RFP should include one technology: thin provisioning.

  • Learn all about NAS

    Storage can be added to a LAN through dedicated disk-based storage units called network-attached storage (NAS) devices. In this handbook you'll learn about NAS systems, NAS device interconnects, NA...

  • NAS system planning strategies

    Implementing a NAS environment requires a lot of planning. This tip tells you why location, power and allocation are vital to consider when installing a NAS.

  • Brocade waves goodbye to WAFS

    In the wake of Blue Coat's acquisition of Packeteer this week, Brocade reveals that last fall it quietly discontinued two products based on Packeteer technology -- WAFS and Branch File Manager.

  • How to size a SAN

    If your DAS storage infrastructure has reached its limits, or your existing SAN is out of date or just plain end-of-life, your first step will be to know what your storage requirements are.

  • Blue Coat swoops in to acquire Packeteer for $268M

    Blue Coat emerges as Packeteer's "white knight" and looks to gain share in WAN optimization by integrating Packeteer's QoS into its ProxySG product.

  • Cisco WAAS customer uncovers AutoCAD file save issue

    While testing the latest AutoCAD drawing files, one Cisco WAAS customer experiences the same negative performance issues as Riverbed Steelhead customers do using AutoCAD.