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December 2008

  • Caringo improves file handling in CAStor to complement archiving

    Content-addressed storage vendor Caringo adds file server to handle active data, as well as archived data, making it a better fit for scale-out NAS and cloud storage.

  • Top five SAN tips of 2008

    Here are the top five SAN tips of 2008, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SAN purchasing, protocols and LUNs.

  • Storage Tutorials

    Storage learning guides take you step by step through the storage buying process and list the best practices you need to be aware of before starting any technology upgrade or implementation.

  • Fibre Channel SAN switches tutorial

    Learn all about Fibre Channel SAN switches with these articles on selecting the right switches and the best practices for managing FC switching environments.

  • BridgeHead, IBM launch medical archiving upgrades

    BridgeHead Software folds a DICOM server, HL7 interface and Web access into a new version of its PACStore medical archiving application, while IBM and McKesson upgrade their medical archiving produ...

  • Best practices for Fibre Channel switching environments

    To find the best switch for your Fibre Channel SAN, you'll need to determine the application throughput and I/O for sizing that SAN.

  • Data Storage Handbooks

    Learn about storage technologies, such as RAID, iSCSI, SATA and data deduplication.

  • SearchStorage FAQs

    This compilation of storage FAQs provides answers for both beginner and advanced enterprise storage professionals.

  • HP storage systems to feature small form factor SAS drives

    Hewlett-Packard plans to ship 2.5-inch SAS drives in MSA 2000 RAID arrays early 2009 and in EVA midrange systems in late 2009.

  • Top five storage management tips of 2008

    Here are the top five storage management tips of 2008, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SATA drives, green storage and primary storage optimization.

  • InfiniBand

    InfiniBand is an architecture and specification for data flow between processors and I/O devices. The technology is most often used in high-performance computing (HPC) environments... (Continued...

  • Top five NAS tips of 2008

    Here are the top five NAS tips of 2008, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as NAS consolidation, NAS interconnects and protocols.

  • Brocade relaunches data center network monitoring service

    Brocade upgrades the Network Monitoring Service to proactively monitor and troubleshoot its customers' data center networking environments.

  • Selecting a Fibre Channel switch: FC switches for your SAN

    One of the key decision points for any organization building a SAN is which Fibre Channel switch to use to connect their servers and storage devices.