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January 2008

  • LUN management

    Expanding and partitioning LUNs is explained.

  • WAN backups, archives and disaster recovery

    With backups and disaster recovery sets, the main consideration for the WAN is efficiency: making the most of available bandwidth to move the most data in the least time. But not every organization...

  • Why RAID rebuilds obstruct data migration

    The best way to migrate data from 400 GB SATA disks to 750 GB SATA disks calls for a consolidated mid-tier storage solution. If your company does not have a significant enough storage management to...

  • EMC and Dell unveil SMB SAN

    Dell and EMC replace the AX150 with a low-end SAS/SATA disk array, but Dell's mum on how the array will be differentiated from products acquired in the EqualLogic purchase.

  • Microsoft takes the FAST track into enterprise search

    Microsoft puts up $1.2 billion for FAST, which will give the struggling search engine company an R&D boost and improve integration between applications and archives.

  • Forestry firm picks Riverbed WAFS over Cisco

    Cisco shop picks Riverbed after head-to-head performance testing between Riverbed's Steelhead appliance and Cisco's wide area application services card.

  • Video: Enterprise Scalable NAS

    Jeff Day, Marketing Manager from HP's StorageWorks division discusses why users should consider scalable NAS -- a next generation NAS technology. In this video, Jeff talks about what's driving the ...

  • Nexsan chases Apple shops with SATA disk array

    Nexsan is planning an Apple-specific disk array to ship in March aimed at media companies looking for a denser alternative to XServ RAID.

  • IBM restructures server, storage hardware sales

    Andy Monshaw remains in charge of storage technical product development after IBM restructuring; Double-Take grabs CDP vendor TimeSpring; Hitachi Global Storage Technologies releases 0.5TB 2.5-inch...

  • CAS systems: Product snapshots

    Archives provide long-term data storage, but simply storing the information isn't enough to meet compliance or litigation needs. Today, an organization needs the immutability of content-addressed s...

  • Guide to purchasing CAS systems

    Content-addressed storage (CAS) enhances archival storage environments by supporting immutability. Data is stored in a fixed location on disk (the "content address") and cannot be changed once it's...

  • NetApp to buy change management software player Onaro

    Analysts say the merger has the potential to take both companies' products into new environments, though the future for Onaro users is uncertain.

  • Backup Guide Chapter 6: Remote backup (PDF)

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Backup All-In-One Guide. Download Chapter 6: Remote backup in .pdf format now.

  • WAN mirroring and replication

    This overview of WAN mirroring and replication discusses remote issues, rolling disasters, security and cost concerns.

  • Important considerations in compliance tool selection

    Storage isn't just a matter of placing data on media. Organizations are now obliged to comply with data storage and retention requirements.

  • Tutorial on network-attached storage

    The primary advantage of NAS devices is that network storage is no longer limited to the number of disks in a local server. With storage no longer limited by the number of disks that a server can h...

  • IBM grabs grid storage startup XIV

    IBM rings in the new year by acquiring Israeli storage vendor XIV, which specializes in grid systems designed for emerging Web applications.

  • RAID 6 vs. RAID 10

    Rick Cook outlines the most efficient uses of RAID 6 and RAID 10.

  • Top storage acquisitions of 2007

    Dell spent $1.4B on EqualLogic in the biggest storage deal of the year, while other vendors made acquisitions to beef up services, archiving and NAS performance.