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January 2008

  • Video focuses on storage

    In the not-so-distant past, IT barely noticed conventional video surveillance. But with digital video on the rise in enterprises, storage teams will need to play a key role in accommodating the pet...

  • Hot Spots: New Year's resolution: Get my storage organized

    Storage resource management (SRM) software can be one of the most effective ways to optimize your storage environment. But when it comes to SRM, you'd better look before you leap.

  • Unlimited storage

    Clemson University has big plans as it upgrades its data center—and those plans call for lots and lots of storage. Their new IT infrastructure is being built along the lines of the National S...

  • Log data deluge

  • Editorial: Welcome to archiving hell

    Welcome to archiving hell

  • Best Practices: Unraveling tape encryption

    With the emergence of new generations of tape drives featuring onboard hardware encryption, companies are revisiting their tape security practices in the hope that this new technology will solve se...

  • HD-DVD (high-density DVD)

    HD-DVD (high-density DVD) is an optical digital storage medium with a capacity that far exceeds that of standard DVD media... (Continued)

  • Product roundup: High-performance NAS

    The most popular method for squeezing performance and scalability out of NAS systems today is the clustered approach.

  • Finding the right archiving software product for your organization

    Archive software provides many of the features we take for granted in modern archive systems, including index and search, data classification and migration, retention and deletion, litigation hold ...

  • Guide to archiving software purchase considerations

    Archiving software must be able to support a wide range of file types, as well as quickly search through vast quantities of data.

  • HP gives medical archiving system a facelift

    The latest version of HP's Medical Archiving Solution includes automatic failover and more flexible WORM.

  • Kahn Consulting, Inc.: At the Crossroads of IT and Law

    Find out how to prepare you organization in the event of legal inquiry with these tools from Kahn consulting

  • Copan roadmap includes IPO, archiving on MAID arrays

    Copan preps for an IPO, and has file system management, data classification and archiving on the roadmap for its MAID array.

  • WAN backups, archives and disaster recovery

    With backups and disaster recovery sets, the main consideration for the WAN is efficiency: making the most of available bandwidth to move the most data in the least time. But not every organization...

  • Learn all about LUNs

    A LUN is the unique address for a SCSI device or a virtual hard disk partition in a RAID configuration. This handbook tells how to manage and partition LUNs.

  • High-performance NAS speeds file-based storage

    Traditionally, NAS systems have had limitations in throughput, connectivity, reliability and scalability. As a result, mission-critical storage tasks still required a SAN. Today, a new generation o...

  • How to replace a failed drive in an array

    Rick Cook explains how to avoid replacing the wrong drive in an array.

  • Arkivio hops on a Rocket

    Rocket Software adds archiving software from startup Arkivio to its portfolio of storage offerings, but not much integration is expected between Arkivio and its other products.

  • Implementing LUNs

    Greg Schulz explains how to create and implement LUNs.

  • LUN basics

    Greg Schulz outlines what a LUN is and how it is used.