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June 2007

  • Temp agency moves hundreds of terabytes to iSCSI SAN

    Adecco replaces 120 TB of Fibre Channel storage with an iSCSI SAN from LeftHand, including storage for large production databases; Exanet adds search; NetApp unleashes Topio.

  • State agency tiers records storage with Compellent

    The South Carolina attorney general's office estimates it will save thousands by storing millions of paper records in digital format using Compellent's automated tiered storage.

  • How to choose the correct RAID level

    This tip offers nine things to consider when deciding which RAID level is right for your organization's needs.

  • Storage protocols quiz

    Do you know your storage protocols? Would you know a CIFS from a NFS? Take our storage protocols quiz and test your knowledge of networking protocols.

  • RAID levels defined

    This tip offers a listing of the RAID levels in use today and details the characteristics and applications of each.

  • HP, Quantum bundle SAN file system for multimedia

    HP and Quantum package up HP's EVA array and Quantum's StorNext SAN file system and are referencing big multimedia customers, including Warner Bros.

  • Mimosa scales up email archiving software

    Version 3.0 of Mimosa's NearPoint email archiving software improves scalability. Users and analysts are waiting on file archiving and broader platform support.

  • Iron Mountain buys Accutrac for records management

    Continuing its effort to reinvent itself as an online backup and records management company, Iron Mountain announces its second acquisition in this market in as many months.

  • file virtualization

    File virtualization is the creation of an abstraction layer between file servers and the clients that access those file servers... (Continued)

  • Seagate gears up for 1 TB disk drives

    Storage vendors are qualifying new 1 TB drives for nearline and clustered NAS systems to ship later this year. Users want more performance, as well as higher capacity.

  • Green storage gains ground

    HP is the latest vendor to throw its hat into the green storage ring following Pillar Data, HDS and EqualLogic.

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads (Toronto 2007)

    Storage Decisions stepped foot for the first time in Toronto in June of 2007. Here are slide presentations that made their debut at the conference north of the border.

  • Talk turns to future for data storage at HP Tech Forum

    From primary storage data deduplication to 8 Gbps FC, analysts and HP reps have their eyes on what's coming down the road at this year's HP conference.

  • Storage Fast-Reference RAID Guide

    Download this one-page, ready to print RAID Guide for descriptions of each RAID level - in an easy to read format that you can hang up right at your workstation.

  • HP serves up half-baked storage hardware

    HP launched several storage hardware products at its StorageWorks show, but most of them either won't be available or won't have key features until later this year.

  • What to expect from a storage audit

    This tip outlines the three main types of storage audits, what you stand to gain from each type and offers insight into the audit process.

  • RAID 4 vs. RAID 5

    Storage management expert Ashley D'Costa discusses RAID 4 vs. RAID 5.

  • EMC steps up international effort

    EMC announced a partnership with Indian outsourcing giant Wipro Ltd. to train 1,000 people on EMC technologies to help in presales, delivery and product development.

  • Catching up with deduplication

    Deduplication backup products differ in how they recognize and reduce duplicate data. Because vendors implement deduplication differently, the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding deduplication ...

  • Grid storage gets real