• May 11, 2007 11 May'07


    Millipede is a nano-storage prototype developed by IBM that can store data at a density of a trillion bits per square inch: 20 times more than any currently available magnetic storage medium.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07


    Nano-storage is a nanotechnology approach to storage that seeks to radically increase storage capacities through a variety of technologies, and, ultimately, to replace current storage media with extremely high-density media and devices.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07

    UDO (ultra density optical)

    Ultra density optical (UDO) is an optical storage technology that increases capacities by using an extremely focused blue laser to write and read data.  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07

    Is your data on fire?

    Is your data on fire? In this case, I am not talking about how frequently your data is accessed or how great the information is contained in your data? I am talking about literally on fire. Why do ...  Continue Reading

  • May 11, 2007 11 May'07

    EMC buys Indigo Stone for bare-metal restore

    EMC has been hush-hush about adding Indigo Stone, a bare-metal restore software company, to its stack of acquisitions.  Continue Reading

  • May 09, 2007 09 May'07

    RAID: It's alive

    RAID is still relevant today, possibly even more than in the past. However, it has become a transparent, standard feature that isn't often discussed. This tip outlines the state of RAID today.  Continue Reading

  • May 09, 2007 09 May'07

    NEC pushes the bar on nondisruptive SAN scalability

    With the launch of its D-Series storage systems, NEC is challenging the incumbent players on nondisruptive SAN scalability.  Continue Reading

  • May 09, 2007 09 May'07

    Data retrieval strategies: Retrieving data from archives overview

    This overview highlights some of the key issues involved with retrieving data from archives, such as data security, indexing and searching, and data retention.  Continue Reading

  • May 09, 2007 09 May'07

    ISCSI TCP/IP TOE card specifications

    One means of improving iSCSI traffic performance is to include TOE (TCI/IP Offload Engine) capability on the Ethernet card itself. An iSCSI TOE allows the network adapter to process iSCSI traffic (often all Ethernet LAN traffic) locally -- relieving...  Continue Reading

  • May 09, 2007 09 May'07

    ISCSI TCP/IP TOE card purchase considerations

    ISCSI SANs are quickly gaining acceptance in small business and enterprise environments, but the benefits of iSCSI are often tempered by performance limitations when iSCSI storage traffic is added on top of everyday user LAN traffic. One means of ...  Continue Reading