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March 2007

  • LexisNexis fights crime with storage

    The document search company is offering a new data forensics service staffed by former federal agents and powered by commodity NAS.

  • Ten questions to increase storage efficiency

    Rick Cook offers 10 things to consider in order to make the best use of your storage, from simply reviewing your storage strategy to standardizing your hardware.

  • Can a SAN or NAS environment really be hacked if it's behind a firewall?

    Absolutely. Many people think that as long as their SAN or NAS is behind a firewall then everything is protected -- this is a myth of network security...

  • Storage Learning Guides

    These guides can quickly get you up to speed on storage-related topics such as RAID, iSCSI, SATA and data deduplication.

  • Learning provides IT pros a full range of learning resources to help you make informed technology decisions and quickly troubleshoot the challenges you face.

  • Cisco to acquire NeoPath Networks

    The networking giant is throwing its hat into the file virtualization ring acquiring a startup it invested in last year.

  • Steve Duplessie: Blogs and more

    Join us in the wild and whacky world that is Steve Duplessie's view on storage. Each month we'll add a new Steve Duplessie blog that will not only keep you up to date with the fast-paced storage ma...

  • Backup Buying Guide Chapter 2: Enterprise-class tape libraries

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Backup All-In-One Buying Guide. Download Chapter 2: Enterprise-Class Tape Libraries in .pdf format now.

  • NEC reveals HydraStor grid storage

    NEC announces its HydraStor array for secondary storage, touting its grid storage architecture, automated policies for data management and scalable deduplication.

  • HP storage revenues sink, reports IDC

    According to the latest IDC research, HP shows declining revenues in several storage categories; EMC, HDS, Symantec and NetApp show surprising results.

  • Iron Mountain offers Exchange email services

    Iron Mountain partners with MessageOne to offer Exchange email services, but the hard work of integration with its compliance and LiveVault services is still ahead.

  • How many servers can a SAN accommodate?

    SAN expert Greg Schulz answers a reader's question: "How many servers can a SAN accommodate?"

  • Storage -- Evolution or revolution

    What about evolution? The storage world turns on events big and small, and it's turning faster than ever.

  • Backup Buying Guide Chapter 1: Purchase considerations

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Backup All-In-One Buying Guide. Download Chapter 1: Backup Purchase Considerations in .pdf format now.

  • Swap tape for removable disks

    New removable disk drives combine the speed and reliability of disk with tape's portability. But widespread enterprise adoption may be inhibited until problems, such as costly disk drives and incom...

  • iSCSI: Learn it or be left behind

    Thought you might get by without considering iSCSI storage? Think again. With continuous progress on the iSCSI protocol and steadily improving products, the technology is now gaining enterprise sta...

  • We're in the midst of some seismic shifts in the storage world

    Storage Bin: Changes in the tech world can evolve subtly or may hinge on a big, revolutionary event. Either way, we're in the midst of some seismic shifts in the storage world, and both vendors an...

  • Are backups a waste of time?

    Data protection is now much more specialized due to increased user expectations and new technology options. We need to rethink the way we approach risk and risk-related services.

  • Two smart guys

    Two smart guys

  • Terabyte drives arrive