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February 2007

  • High-end storage array purchase considerations

    Depending on the disk types and capacities used, high-end arrays may start around 500 disks with 100 TB of capacity, and spiral upwards to 2,400 disk behemouths with over 1,000 TB (1 PB) of space. ...

  • Test your knowledge of data storage management strategies

    Are you on top when it comes to data management? Take our final exam and evaluate your knowledge of data management strategies. This test isn't for the weak, so you might want to do a bit of studyi...

  • High-end storage array specifications

    High-end disk arrays are absolutely essential for organizations that depend on high performance and huge storage capacity. Such complex platforms often demand careful attention and management, but ...

  • HP acquires clustered file system software maker PolyServe

    HP announced its intent to acquire clustered file system maker PolyServe.

  • Sun scraps 6920 array, offloads support to HDS

    The long-rumored deal that Sun will sell its 6920 virtualization array to HDS is done. But rather than developing the product, HDS will upgrade users to its TagmaStore instead.

  • HP announces iSCSI VTL for SMBs

    HP's new iSCSI VTL devices include automated backup capabilities for users with fewer than four servers.

  • Storage switch startup burns out, turns to security

    The company formerly known as Maxxan has been rechristened CipherMax and is now marketing a storage switch/encryption appliance with one point of management.

  • Google offers 10 GB inbox

    The search engine giant is offering an email application on a subscription basis with five times the storage capacity of the free version.

  • NAS tackles enterprise storage

    NAS technology is filling the gap between file servers and SANs, providing powerful file serving capability with high storage capacity and a growing number of enterprise-class features. NAS has eme...

  • Delivery issues push Sun storage user toward IBM

    A user with 30 TB of Sun-StorageTek disk and two tape libraries says he is considering alternatives after late and disorganized deliveries last year.

  • Storage software vendors fire up freeware

    Storage software vendors are increasingly offering free downloads as a test-drive for enterprise products.

  • WAN/WAFS platform specifications

    WAFS products support the efficient exchange of data between remote locations over a WAN, allowing remote offices to access data from a data center as if it were local. WAFS can typically support a...

  • European technology leads the way

    Good old American ingenuity? Not quite. The Europeans might just be eating our technological lunch.

  • LSI buys SATA chipmaker SiliconStor

    LSI will acquire SiliconStor for $55 million in cash; NetApp profits slip; Brocade pushes interop with McData.

  • Questions fly as EMC Retrospect fades

    All signs point to the end of life for EMC's Retrospect backup software for small businesses. Sources say the company cannot support an SMB software channel.

  • Mendocino short-circuits CDP debate

    Arguments over near-CDP versus true-CDP are about to become redundant as Mendocino provides the capability to do both.

  • Cancer clinic juggles two tiered storage environments

    Karmanos Cancer Institute is using two separate tiered storage systems from EMC and Sun, and says it has yet to find a single storage vendor that can meet all its requirements.

  • Fortune 500 firm takes a crack at data classification

    A life sciences company in the Bay Area undertakes a data classification project with Abrevity and discovers the job is never done.

  • Replication for disaster recovery

    Business continuity expert Pierre Dorion discusses how replication can be used for disaster recovery.

  • Integrating iSCSI and FC storage

    Mixing iSCSI with Fibre Channel (FC) allows you to make more efficient use of installed storage capacity, but marrying the two protocols isn't without its challenges. Bringing iSCSI into existing F...