• October 12, 2007 12 Oct'07

    Storage grid pushes the envelope

    What started out as a test-bed project for Network Appliance is now a good example of architecting enterprise storage systems. The vendor's Kilo-Client project showcases how SAN booting and thinly provisioned snapshots can be used in a storage grid ...  Continue Reading

  • October 12, 2007 12 Oct'07

    Storage Bin: Leaving you in good hands

    It's time for a changing of the guard for the Storage Bin column. Steve Duplessie, whose witty and perceptive insights have graced Storage magazine from day one, is stepping aside to make room for ESG's Tony Asaro to take up residency on our ...  Continue Reading

  • October 12, 2007 12 Oct'07

    Best Practices: Finding the logic in volume managers

    Host-based volume managers (also known as logical volume managers) are the most underrated or underutilized components in storage ecosystems. Here are seven reasons why they deserve some respect.  Continue Reading