September 2006

  • How SMBs can select a NAS system

    The key factors an SMB should consider for making a NAS system selection and some of usage areas that may have an effect on the choice are outlined in this tip.

  • Backup your LAN without the performance impact

    Learn how to perform LAN-based backups without placing a burden on your network and reduce the impact of poor network performance on your backups.

  • Revamped Cisco WAFS worth the wait, users say

    Months late, Cisco has finally released a combined WAN optimization and WAFS product, while startups like Riverbed have been snapping up the customers. But some Cisco beta testers say it has been w...

  • Emulex acquisition could cloud future of FC-SATA spec

    New Emulex subsidiary Sierra Logic's strength is in FC-SATA bridging technology. Meanwhile, ONStor launches midrange clustered NAS, and Quantum shareholders withhold votes.