September 2006

  • Users say keeping it simple means keeping one vendor

    Despite some potential benefits of heterogeneous shops, users at Storage Decisions say they find sticking with one vendor a better way to survive the storage sprawl.

  • How to improve SAN utilization

    Improve the utilization of your SAN in terms of performance, capacity and availability. These tips can be applied in principal to FC, iSCSI or InfiniBand block-based SANs, as well as NFS or CIFS fi...

  • ISCSI gets a boost from InfiniBand

    The speedy InfiniBand protocol has already gained popularity in some bleeding-edge storage systems; a new spec will now standardize connection to iSCSI storage.

  • Iron Mountain aftermath: Be your own second layer of data protection

    After receiving reader feedback, Jerome Wendt continues with his thoughts on the Iron Mountain fire and offers advice for users sending their data offsite.

  • NetApp operations chief talks growth

    Tom Georgens, executive vice president and general manager at NetApp -- also rumored to be in the running as next CEO -- discusses what's driving its growth.

  • Virtual File Allocation Table (VFAT)

    Virtual File Allocation Table (VFAT) is the part of the Windows 95 and later operating system that handles long file names, which otherwise could not be handled by the original file allocation tabl...

  • storage virtualization

    Storage virtualization is the apparent pooling of data from multiple storage devices, even different types of storage devices, into what appears to be a single device that is managed from a central...

  • Survey Says: Offsite tapes continue to grow

  • Sony soldiers on with AIT-5 tape drive

  • Users eye snapshot to cut back on tape

  • How faster tape drives can slow down your backups

    Today's high-speed tape drives can outrun a network, causing the drive to have to wait for a data stream. This shoe-shining effect can be overcome, but only if you make disk your primary backup tar...

  • Backup SLAs: The art of diplomacy

    Negotiating backup service-level agreements (SLAs) can be one of the toughest elements of transitioning IT from a mere technology competence center to a real part of the business. Detailing what a ...

  • Riverbed strikes it rich in first day of trading

    Riverbed, in the first storage-sector IPO in years, came out at a higher price than expected, and its shares soared in the first day of trading.

  • Rethinking data protection strategies

    Thirty-one percent of organizations say they'll experience significant revenue loss or another adverse business impact within one hour or less of application downtime--it's no wonder organizations ...

  • Three ways to outsource backups

    Getting third-party help for backup--through insourcing, online backup or hosted backup services--can improve a storage group's productivity, consistency and efficiency.

  • Lessening filers' backup load

  • Backups are not archives

    While it's possible to restore data from old backups, you shouldn't use them as archives. Leading storage expert W. Curtis Preston details the differences between the two technologies and explains ...

  • Tricky backup for SharePoint

  • CDP: Look before you leap

    Some pundits have postulated that continuous data protection (CDP) will replace backup. But is that just new technology hyperbole or is CDP a must-have technology?

  • Backup-to-disk performance tuning

    Disk-based backup can lower costs, reduce complexity and add scalability. But to achieve top performance, you'll need to do lots of benchmarking and watch for poorly configured production storage.