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August 2006

  • Disaster recovery FAQ audiocast

    Don't have time to dig into the disaster recovery FAQ text now? Download the audiocast in MP3 format and listen in the car, at the gym -- wherever you want. You can download the entire presentation...

  • Improve recovery time for email and file servers, and spend less on remote replication

    This is a growing concern in the industry today because we've seen data growth at 50-60% on a yearly basis. The file servers are getting huge. Mail servers are becoming just impossible to manage or...

  • Sun tucks software into Solaris, may sell off 6920

    Sun is rumored to be selling off its 6920 product; all storage software is now in the Solaris group -- and questions still remain about its future in the storage business.

  • ISCSI network configuration, design and optimization

    It's a must to consider more than just cabling when designing an iSCSI-based storage network. Learn to look at the bigger picture when configuring or optimizing an iSCSI-based storage network.

  • Users mull over Brocade's WAFS options

    Users of Tacit and Riverbed products discuss the technical pros and cons, while Brocade keeps mum about which WAFS partner it will stick with after acquiring McData.

  • IBM spruces up storage line

    IBM floated a raft of announcements across its storage line, but analysts say they are still waiting for the updates stuck in the research phase.

  • Upgrading high-end arrays

    We are currently using an HDS9960 array and are planning to upgrade early next year to another enterprise array. We're in the process of evaluating solutions from Sun/HDS, IBM and EMC. Are there an...

  • Preparing for 'little disasters' often neglected

    Tom Dugan, CTO of Recovery Networks, says it's common for users to prepare to lose an entire building -- but aren't ready for small-scale losses – like losing a server.

  • tape

    In computers, tape is an external storage medium, usually both readable and writable, consisting of a loop of flexible celluloid-like material that can store data in the form of tiny magnetic field...

  • Ibrix and EMC cozy up

    After covertly winning deals together for almost a year, EMC and Ibrix have formalized their relationship. Could an acquisition be next?

  • Rising electric rates inspire energy-efficient storage

    Users are turning to 500 GB drives, and powering them on and off, to save on consumption costs as electric rates continue to soar.

  • The problem with unstructured information

    Information security expert Kevin Beaver highlights the problem of managing unstructured information and what you can do to keep your organization on the right track to storage security and out of ...

  • Data migration products: Proceed with caution

    Host-based data migration products are the best choice for moving mission-critical data. While there are only a few products in this category, they vary significantly.

  • Data migration products: Proceed with caution, page 2

    Host-based data migration products are the best choice for moving mission-critical data. While there are only a few products in this category, they vary significantly.16 Aug 2006

  • Qualcomm to halve storage growth in 2007

    Wireless chipmaker Qualcomm expects to slow down its storage growth by at least 50% next year using a capacity utilization tool from MonoSphere.

  • Purchasing new storage

    We are looking at purchasing a new storage system for our financial application, what should we be looking for? The system needs to provide very high level of performance, be up 24x7 and mirror the...

  • EMC sheds light on RSA integration plans

    As the dust begins to settle on EMC's $2.1 billion acquisition of RSA Security, the hard work of integration begins. What's EMC strategy here?

  • Cost-effective legacy data protection

    For business, legal, regulatory and compliance reasons it is often important to protect data that is a decade old or more. Learn what you can do to cut data protection costs on older data.

  • Travan

    Travan is a linear magnetic tape product developed by the 3M Company... (Continued)

  • Users wary of new e-discovery rules

    Some users and experts say new e-discovery rules, specfically Rule 37 (f), is a wake-up call to be savvier about data retention.