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June 2006

  • Storage architects dare to go tapeless

  • Storage Clips: Hitachi introduces Centera competitor

    HDS has entered the CAS market with a product based on Archivas software.

  • Data protection: Moving up the stack?

    The definition of CDP varies from vendor to vendor, but there are some interesting approaches emerging in the market right now. Jon William Toigo walks you through some of the options from Revivio,...

  • NetApp's OnTap GX finally shipping

    NetApp ships clustered NAS with OnTap GX; beta user Industrial Light & Magic says it's a huge improvement over existing systems but needs better management suite.

  • Storage Clips: Cisco's Chambers to take on chairman's duties

    Chambers vacates president position, leaving room for an "heir apparent."

  • Record retention guidelines cause groans

    Amendments to rules governing electronic discovery are met with criticism by lawyers and compliance officers at a record retention show in NYC.

  • content-addressed storage (CAS)

    Content-addressed storage (CAS) is a method of providing fast access to fixed content (data that is not expected to be updated) by assigning it a permanent place on disk. CAS makes data retrieval s...

  • column address strobe

    In computer memory technology, CAS (column address strobe) is a signal sent to a dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that tells it that an associated address is a column address. A data bit in DRA...

  • Introduction to data storage management

    Storage is a resource, and it must be allocated and managed as a resource in order to truly benefit a corporation. Successful data storage management strategies leverage a suite of tools to configu...

  • Tutorial on disk arrays

    A storage array provides a standalone platform where disks can be gathered into groups of up to hundreds of disks. A storage array can protect valuable corporate data by implementing RAID features....

  • Pop Quiz: Storage current affairs

    How current are you when it comes to storage current events? Do know such things as which company won an award for best NAS product or what company HDS is partnering with to build its first CAS pro...

  • Network-attached storage management overview

    Adding NAS devices to the network will eventually impose a serious level of management overhead for storage managers. Organizations that plan to deploy NAS boxes should make provisions for NAS mana...

  • RAID levels and RAID configuration tutorial

    Learn about RAID levels, RAID grouping and RAID arrays in this overview of RAID technology.

  • Best practices for purchasing NAS devices

    Purchasing NAS storage isn't easy. These best practices will help you get the most from your NAS investment.

  • A quick overview of the disk drive market

    Hard disks provide huge storage capacities that can reach to 300GB and higher (though enterprise disks offer somewhat less -- up to 150 GB per disk). Enterprise hard disks offer fast data transfers...

  • Storage Clips: EMC acquires nLayers

    EMC has snapped up nLayers for application discovery, extending its OEM agreement with the company.

  • Storage management tips: What's hot this summer?

    Evaluating VTL products, comparing SAN and NAS, data retention, cable management and SRM are issues that are our readers are sweating these days.

  • VMware backup: room for improvement

    Users say that VMware backup needs to work better with storage software vendors.

  • FATA vs. FC disk drives

    Storage expert Greg Schulz compares FATA and FC disk drives.

  • Creating NAS partitions

    NAS expert Randy Kerns offers important advice about creating partitions in a NetApp NAS system.