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March 2006

  • E-mail Archiving Seminar Presentation Download

    This presentation from the E-mail Archiving Seminar Series explains how an email archiving strategy can help you deal with the issues resulting from the explosive growth of e-mail.

  • Storage Clips: NetApp supports 4 Gbit FC

    NetApp announced it will support 4 Gbit FC in Q2; Nimbus releases 10 GigE SAN/NAS products.

  • Amazon search unit deploys SAN file system

    Alexa, the Web search subsidiary of, went with a SAN file system from Ibrix when it came time to offer its data as a service to other developers.

  • U.K. backup service provider saves a bundle

    Core Consultancy, a remote backup and DR services provider in the U.K., picked an Asigra/OnStor package over Veritas and NetApp, and saved tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Get ready for universal grid storage

    Storage analyst Arun Taneja discusses the storage industry's move towards grid storage, and the benefits it can deliver to IT.

  • Storage Clips: EMC's Tucci gets hefty raise

    EMC's CEO Joe Tucci more than doubled his compensation last year, according to the latest industry buzz.

  • Storage Clips: CommVault files for IPO

    Data management software startup CommVault has filed a registration statement for the proposed IPO of its common stock with the SEC.

  • E-mail storage outsourcing gets mixed reaction

    Some users think it might be cumbersome to have a separate vendor manage just one part of their environment, while others jump at the idea of off-loading e-mail management.

  • redundant

    In information technology, the term redundant has several usages: Redundant describes computer or network system components, such as fans, hard disk drives, servers, operating systems, switches, a...

  • Storage Clips: Another Veritas veteran moves on

    The former Veritas GM/VP of data management is the latest in a rash of management departures from Symantec/Veritas.

  • Keep your backups within your window

    This tip discusses how pruning your data, tailoring your backups to network patterns and checking the logs of network activity can allow you to do more with less and deal with a shrinking backup wi...

  • NetApp solves interop woes for open source user

    It took retailer Zumiez more than a year to find a networked storage product that would work with its particular flavor of Linux.

  • Tape and disk encryption product roundup

    With tape and disk encryption products becoming more popular, storage administrators have more options in how to protect sensitive information at rest in the data center and in flight across public...

  • Hack your storage to test your security

    This tip outlines various security tests you can perform, along with tools you can use, to ethically hack your storage systems and uncover vulnerabilities you might not have discovered otherwise.

  • Storage Clips: NetApp announces iSCSI bundles

    NetApp announced new iSCSI product bundles for resellers, beta testing of its new OnTap GX operating system and some bold financial predictions for fiscal 2007.

  • HVD (holographic versatile disc)

    Holographic versatile disc (HVD) is a medium of holographic storage that looks like a DVD but is capable of storing far more data... (Continued)

  • Storage Clips: Emulex announces iSCSI, FCIP routers

    Emulex has announced new products that can be used in both IP and FC SANs.

  • Storage Clips: Amazon launches storage service

    The online bookseller announced it will be offering access to its data storage infrastructure for a monthly fee.

  • Bank gives up on EMC replication

    First Independent Bank struggled for eight months to get EMC's MirrorView to work over a low-bandwidth connection, eventually giving up and using Kashya instead.

  • Move your backups to a SAN

    Speed, communication and block-orientation are just a few of the reasons that users are moving their backups from Ethernet-based LANs to Fibre Channel SANs.