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March 2006

  • HP storage chief blasts EMC

    Bob Schultz, GM of HP's storage business, says EMC's partnership with Dell is uncertain at best, and the company's major acquisitions have not burned up the market.

  • Storage Clips: House committee approves data security act

    The Committee on Energy and Commerce of the U.S. House of Representatives is the latest congressional group to spit out a data security bill.

  • Storage Clips: Symantec to announce remote office backup

    According to industry scuttlebutt, Symantec plans to release remote office backup software next week.

  • Users evaluate new and improved HP EVA

    As part of its storage renaissance in the last year, HP announced new EVA midrange arrays; users tell SearchStorage their likes and dislikes.

  • Guidelines for better iSCSI security

    Learn about the following iSCSI SAN security guidelines: How to secure the management interface, how to authenticate and how to disable unnecessary network services.

  • Battle brews between iSCSI and FC

    Most cost-conscious storage managers are looking into the merits of iSCSI. In this Q&A, Brian Garrett, analyst with ESG, clears up the confusion over iSCSI vs. FC.

  • Storage Clips: SMB storage gets a boost

    StoneFly, Buffalo and ThinkCP all launch new SMB storage tools this week; Surgient powers XOSoft DR testing.

  • Storage Clips: 10 GigE makes its way through pipeline

    Components makers are sending 10 GigE components to major system suppliers, bringing the industry closer to widespread deployment.

  • Factories pick monolithic IP SANs for DR

    Modular scaling seems all the rage in IP SANs, but two manufacturing firms say they've saved on DR by using EqualLogic's more traditional monolithic storage in multiple locations.

  • Hospital admin talks shop

    Hal Weiss of Baptist Memorial Healthcare talks to about data growth, maintaining patient confidentiality and learning to forecast storage needs the hard way.

  • Storage Clips: Compellent, OnStor claim tiered storage

    The two companies have released a joint product they claim will automatically migrate data between storage tiers.

  • Implementing SAS storage

    This tip offers advice on how to carefully lay out your topology, choose an appropriate mix of SAS and SATA drives and plan for future growth before setting up a SAS system.

  • Pop Quiz: 10 hot storage terms

    We know you're familiar with the terms SAN, NAS and RAID, but what do you know about MAID and RAIN? Take our quick quiz and see if you're in the loop when it comes to hot storage terms.

  • Revivio users eye automation module

    Users of Revivio's CDP say they are looking forward to a new addition to its software but only for certain applications.

  • Storage Clips: Xyratex spins off network adapters

    Xyratex sold off the intellectual property for its programmable network adapters overseas, saying it wanted to focus on storage.

  • VTLs: What's the big deal?

    Nearly every leading storage vendor now has a virtual tape library product, and nearly every customer I talk to is interested in VTL or has already implemented it. Okay, so a VTL system emulates a ...

  • Storage Clips: Data breach affects 196,000 HP employees

    HP has confirmed that a laptop containing information on participants in its retirement plan was stolen a week ago.

  • ISCSI competition heats up

    10 GigE iSCSI systems are here, Microsoft buys String Bean, and all Tier-1 storage providers are now selling iSCSI. It's time to cap FC spending and make the shift, analysts say.

  • Build the ultimate storage team

    Learn why your storage team should be made up of people with experience in a variety of disciplines, such as networking, server administration and budgetary planning.

  • E-mail Archiving Seminar Presentation Download

    This presentation from the E-mail Archiving Seminar Series explains how an email archiving strategy can help you deal with the issues resulting from the explosive growth of e-mail.