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February 2006

  • Storage Clips: U.K. lotto overhauls storage

    U.K. lotto turns to Glasshouse for help overhauling its storage network; Samsung is sending out samples of its Blu-ray discs to European media reviewers.

  • Storage Clips: NetApp joins Sun cluster program

    NetApp's FC systems are certified interoperable with Solaris; Sepaton, OnStor partner for VTL.

  • What's on deck for storage?

    Arun Taneja discusses the reasons that disk-based backup, archiving, SAS and CDP are going to be on a lot of storage pros' agendas this year.

  • Fast Guide: Storage technologies

    From disk to internal/external drives to removable storage, we've put together a Fast Guide to Storage Technologies for both the personal and small business computer users, as well as the enterpris...

  • Users seek further updates from BlueArc

    Users of BlueArc's Titan NAS head say they were pleased with the new upgrades, but there were still a few items left on their wish lists.

  • Storage Clips: HP acquires OuterBay

    HP will acquire OuterBay for its database archiving software, improving database performance by up to 80%, the company claims.

  • Asigra boosts VMware backup with 6.0

    Asigra announced version 6.0 of its flagship Televaulting software and according to users, Asigra's new way of backing up VMware servers is the most notable improvement.

  • Speed backups by pruning data

    Setting policy about what types of files you back up, using e-mail archiving software and backing up applications separately from your data can drastically improve backup performance.

  • Storage Clips: EMC pushes SMB products

    EMC announced version 7.5 of its Retrospect software for Windows backup and recovery, and a channel program to sell its Insignia products to SMBs.

  • SAN zoning resource guide

    Learn about SAN zoning, the various methods and how to troubleshoot in this fast guide loaded with relevant storage articles.

  • Storage Clips: Former Brocade CEO spills the beans

    Greg Reyes, former CEO of Brocade, told BusinessWeek he was selling the company to Cisco in Nov. '04, before being ousted by the board for options accounting irregularities.

  • Plan ahead to skip storage snags

    Marc Staimer explains how testing backups at least once a quarter, encrypting backups in flight and at rest and implementing an effective SRM tool can prevent storage nightmares.

  • A bill of rights for storage consumers?

    Think you're not getting enough information from your vendor about a product? Storage guru Jon W. Toigo presents his ideas for a storage consumer's bill of rights.

  • Dispelling myths: The truth about WAFS

    As WAFS products roll out across the country, users must figure out which approach works best in their environments.

  • Storage Clips: Sun partners with Imation, Softek

    Sun announced a new partnership with Imation and an extended relationship with Softek; Quantum and Symantec reported earnings; EMC sued by a former employee.