• December 10, 2006 10 Dec'06

    Mobile drive tech could move into data center

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  • December 10, 2006 10 Dec'06

    Configuring storage for ERP

    The "crown jewels" of corporate data are typically maintained within enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. But for many storage managers, ERP is a minefield of critical information and competing priorities. In this first installment of a ...  Continue Reading

  • December 10, 2006 10 Dec'06

    Quality Awards II: EqualLogic emerges as top midrange array

    The second edition of the Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards turned up yet another surprise winner, this time for midrange arrays. In its first year in our survey, EqualLogic snagged the top spot with its PS Series of storage ...  Continue Reading

  • December 10, 2006 10 Dec'06

    Host-based replication

    There are three distinct architectures of host-level replication software: Windows-only file system, multi-OS file system and multi-OS blocklevel products. Each alternative offers specific features that make it a better fit for some types of data ...  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2006 08 Dec'06

    Dell, Microsoft tout joint NAS product

    The new NX1950 product is vastly more expensive than its counterparts from HP and NetApp, but it scales higher, supports clusters and has redundant controllers.  Continue Reading

  • December 07, 2006 07 Dec'06

    Top 10 storage management tips 2006

    Below are the top ten storage management tips of 2006, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SRM software evaluation, storage provisioning, security, storage capacity planning and more.  Continue Reading

  • December 07, 2006 07 Dec'06

    NAS security 2

    NAS expert Randy Kerns answers a reader's question: How do I secure a network attached storage (NAS) box from physical attacks as well as network based attacks? I have found that disk encryption is useful where there is a physical insecurity like ...  Continue Reading