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December 2006

  • Waste millions of dollars or start archiving

    Waste millions of dollars or start archiving

  • Mobile drive tech could move into data center

  • Configuring storage for ERP

    The "crown jewels" of corporate data are typically maintained within enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. But for many storage managers, ERP is a minefield of critical information and c...

  • SAN consolidation strategies

    As islands of SANs proliferate in companies, the cost of storage can soar. Sound SAN design strategies allow companies to reduce the number of SAN islands, strengthen a primary SAN, make storage ea...

  • Snapshot: Continuous data protection

    Is CDP part of your backup?

  • Hot technologies for 2007

    Storage magazine's editors reviewed technology developments, product introductions and storage standards to come up with this short list of must-have technologies for 2007. We believe iSCSI SANs,...

  • New rules impact storage procedures

  • Storage IQ: Key technologies for 2006

    We keep a close eye on what technologies our readers are most interested in. Here are the year's 25 most commonly searched terms. Do you know them all?

  • Secure Digital card (SD card)

    A Secure Digital (SD) card is a tiny memory card used to make storage portable among various devices, such as car navigation systems, cellular phones, eBooks, PDAs, smartphones, digital cameras, mu...

  • Dell, Microsoft tout joint NAS product

    The new NX1950 product is vastly more expensive than its counterparts from HP and NetApp, but it scales higher, supports clusters and has redundant controllers.

  • Top 10 storage management tips 2006

    Below are the top ten storage management tips of 2006, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as SRM software evaluation, storage provisioning, security, storage capacity planning and...

  • NAS security 2

    NAS expert Randy Kerns answers a reader's question: How do I secure a network attached storage (NAS) box from physical attacks as well as network based attacks? I have found that disk encryption is...

  • Connecting a hard drive to NAS

    Our NAS expert Randy Kerns answers this question, posed by one of our readers: "How would I take an ordinary hard drive and create a network attached storage (NAS) hard drive instead of buying an e...

  • Degaussing backup media

    Backup/recovery expert W. Curtis Preston discusses how to degauss backup media.

  • Top 5 NAS tips 2006

    Here are the top five NAS tips of 2006, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as NAS consolidation, NAS for SMBs, top products and more.

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Smart Shopper Track (LV 2006)

    Very few storage managers have carte blanche when it comes to storage spending. Because of this and the harsh demands of data growth rates, managers need to spend budget wisely. Sessions in our "Sm...

  • Top 10 backup tips 2006

    Backup is, well, it's backup. It's pretty self-explanatory. You have to protect your data, and it's pretty obvious how to do it -- you make a copy. Although that concept is simple, unfortunately in...

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Architecture Track (LV 2006)

    More than 70% of the attendees of Storage Decisions say they are setting up or evaluating a tiered storage architecture. Featured in this track will be the popular Tiered Storage School sessions al...

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Engineering Track (LV 2006)

    To keep up with the demands of data and business requirements, managers need to engineer the most flexible and complete storage network. This track looks at SAN and NAS issues, distance demands, re...

  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Executive Track (LV 2006)

    C-level technology executives not only need to know the status of their current operations but meticulously plan for the future. Our "Executive track" sessions give these technologists an idea of w...