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November 2006

  • IBM, NetApp get cozier with NAS gateway

    IBM has integrated the NAS gateway it rebrands from NetApp with its virtualization software, SVC, a move that's leaving some analysts scratching their heads.

  • How to compare Fibre Channel (FC) and SCSI

    Storage expert Greg Schulz offers advice on how to compare Fibre Channel (FC) and SCSI technology.

  • Automated data migration: Choosing technology for ILM

    This tip looks at automated data movement in a tiered storage environment to support ILM; performance and capacity load balancing; compliance; and technology upgrades or replacements. Learn what yo...

  • EMC, NetApp duke it out in the midrange storage

    As NetApp gains market share in midrange storage, EMC makes a rare response to performance claims.

  • Download Advanced Storage Guide Chapter 4: NAS (PDF)

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Advanced Storage All-In-One Guide. Download Chapter 4: NAS in .pdf format now.

  • Rough going for Exchange replication

    Replicating databases for disaster recovery isn't easy, and Microsoft Exchange is no exception.

  • thin provisioning (TP)

    Thin provisioning (TP) is a method of optimizing the efficiency with which the available space is utilized in storage area networks... (Continued)

  • fat provisioning (FP)

    Fat provisioning (FP) is the conventional storage provisioning model, in which space is allocated beyond current needs, in anticipation of growing need and increased data complexity... (Continued)

  • Big pay for storage jobs

    Find out what other storage professionals are being paid in this year's salary survey.

  • Tape encryption strategies

    Companies need to take a more strategic approach to tape encryption by building a services-based architecture that can meet today's needs and scale to accommodate future needs.

  • All-in-one backup

    All-in-one backup

  • How to better connect storage to the business

    We can learn from manufacturing processes and use a supply chain to storage to better align it with strategic business goals. To implement this model, a storage services plan needs to be multidimen...

  • Security for your security appliances

  • Apps to classify and find data

    Data classification may seem like an arcane art, but a growing set of information classification and management products make sorting through your company's data easier than ever. These tools provi...

  • Quality Awards II: Surprise Winner--BakBone NetVault is leader of the backup pack

    BakBone Software Inc.'s NetVault, which ranked near the bottom in our 2005 survey, is this year's enterprise-class backup and recovery software winner. We'll tell you how BakBone pulled off this st...

  • Automate data migration

    Moving seldom-accessed data from primary storage to less-costly storage not only saves money, but can also improve the performance of applications. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) software ca...

  • HP unveils storage blade

  • Big pay for storage jobs

    Storage professionals report the highest average salaries in the four years that Storage magazine has conducted its Storage Salary Survey. See how industry, location, education, company size and...

  • A new startup promises recordless e-mail

    Storage Bin: A new startup promises recordless e-mail. Is this a stroke of genius that will reward the company with billions of Internet bucks, or is it the end of the world as we know it?

  • DOE funds storage project