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January 2006

  • Users come to grips with tiered storage

    Getting tiered storage right will be a major theme for many users this year, according to our Storage Outlook '06 series.

  • How many disk drives do you need for RAID 10?

    What is the minimum number of disk drives you can have in a RAID 10 array? I have read you must have at least four, but our server admin said it is HP's default, and he can do it on just two drives...

  • RAID striping or concatenation: Which has better RAID performance?

    Designing storage for performance can be difficult, but these tips from our expert will help you compare RAID striping or concatenation based on RAID performance.

  • Back up your system with iSCSI

    The cost of an iSCSI backup system can range from practically nothing to as much as a Fibre Channel SAN. Here's what you need to know to pick the right price-performance point for your enterprise.