September 2005

  • Storage vulnerabilities you can't afford to miss

    This tip outlines common, yet critical, storage security vulnerabilities that are often overlooked when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

  • CIFS benchmarks, please

    Learn more about why there isn't a good benchmark tool to measure CIFS performance in a meaningful manner like IOPS over the network and what currently is being done to develop CIFS benchmarks.

  • GBIC connection to single or multimode fiber

    This advice discusses the possibility of connecting a short-distance GBIC to single mode fiber and multimode fiber.

  • Storage Clips: Apple updates Xserve RAID

    Apple boosts capacity of Xserve RAID array; PolyServe software allows quick migration between Linux servers and storage; Vormetric certified with IBM.

  • Katrina-affected business gets back Ontrack

    After Hurricane Katrina destroyed its office building in Gulfport, Miss., one company used Ontrack to recover data from hard drives it thought were beyond salvaging.

  • SATA for small Exchange environments?

    This advice details whether SATA can be used for Exchange environments of about 50 people or less.

  • LUN sharing

    This advice discusses whether a LUN actually be used by two or more servers and a common application like Oracle at the same time and maintain data integrity.

  • Tiered storage with SATA

    Planning is the most important step when setting up a tiered-storage system using lower-cost disk.

  • Avoid the pain in data migration

    There are a number of reasons why data migration can be a painful process, but best practices can help ensure a successful migration without the trauma.

  • FCIP

    FCIP quiz answer

  • iFCP


  • Storage Clips: MCI launches storage service

    Phone company MCI will offer its managed hosting customers a managed storage service; Emulex provides embedded switch to HP; EqualLogic snuggles up with Western Scientific.

  • How to find a football in the Grand Canyon

    We've finally discovered how to store huge amounts of data in a smaller box. Now we just have to figure out how to find it all.

  • Netgear launches dirt-cheap IP SAN

    For as little as $150, small office users can buy an IP SAN from Netgear that doesn't require HBAs, RAID controllers or expensive disk drives.

  • Remote recovery sites: What distance is far enough?

    Remote or alternate recovery sites need to be planned carefully. This tip discusses elements to consider when selecting the location.

  • Sun looks to knit together SAN, NAS

    Sun is trying to reappear on the storage radar screen by offering seven new products, most aimed at consolidating management of SAN and NAS systems.

  • High-end NAS considerations, part two

    Learn about the variety of approaches to take when implementing a high-end NAS system.

  • VTL remedies backup woes

    VTLs remedy tape bottlenecks...

  • Cisco's switch-based backup

    Serverless backup can take the load off servers and ease network traffic. Cisco uses Xcopy on its MDS 9000 switch for serverless backup; see how it compares to other methods and products.

  • First SAS products arrive

    New serial attached SCSI (SAS) products are beginning to flood the market. SAS, by all accounts, will displace parallel SCSI, but its compatibility with SATA will also allow easy storage tiering in...