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September 2005

  • depository

    A depository is a file or set of files in which data is stored for the purpose of safekeeping or identity authentication.

  • storage at the edge

    Storage at the edge is an expression that refers to data storage and backup routines used in portable and mobile computing.

  • storage filer

    A storage filer is a file server designed and programmed for high-volume data storage, backup, and archiving.

  • BEDO DRAM (Burst Extended Data Output DRAM)

    BEDO DRAM (Burst Extended Data Output DRAM) is a type of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that can send data back to the computer from one read operation at the same time it is reading in the ad...

  • magneto-optical drive (MO)

    The magneto-optical (MO) drive is a popular way to back up files on a personal computer.

  • SAS drives product roundup

    Serial-attached SCSI (or SAS) drives offer significant storage capacity at a much lower cost, while maintaining reasonable performance. Find out who the vendors are in this market.

  • DR Checklist: 10 Reasons Why Your DR Plan May Fail

    The disaster recovery (DR) vision is a scenario in which all disasters are withstood; using a well-crafted plan, operations are transferred to a remote facility to get the organization back online ...

  • Storage Clips: Brocade upgrades SAN health tool

    Brocade announced enhancements to its diagnostics freeware; TimeSpring released a free version of TimeData for SQL server testing.

  • Google to enter data classification market

    Internet search giant Google will partner with data classification startup StoredIQ to co-market an enterprise search and classification product.

  • Tiered storage with SATA

    Simply deploying low-cost storage doesn't always equal savings. Learn to calculate total cost of ownership (TCO) when planning tiered-storage system using lower-cost disk and save money.

  • Clustering for high availability

    This advice details the hardware and software requirements for setting up two data servers in fail-safe cluster mode for high availability.

  • HP acquisition may be warning sign for SMI-S

    Will HP's acquisition of independent SRM vendor AppIQ slow down the SMI-S standard and the long-term prospect for heterogeneous storage management?

  • Storage Clips: FileNet acquires Yaletown for compliance

    Document management software maker FileNet announced it has acquired compliance software maker Yaletown.

  • Migrate old files to cut disk costs

    Data migration is an effective way cut costs. Find out what you can do to simplify the process and start saving now.

  • Should you have a dedicated storage team?

    Members of dedicated storage teams need to have as much political savvy as they do IT know-how.

  • Blogs and more from SearchStorage Experts

    Find out the latest on the minds of experts: Arun Taneja, Marc Staimer, Tony Asaro, Steve Duplessie, Curtis Preston, Jon Toigo, Stephen Foskett and Jerome Wendt.

  • Channel Offerings

    Channel Offerings

  • Storage Clips: Hospital switches from EMC to IBM

    St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center has switched its EMC hardware for an IBM DS4100, DS4300 and ESS 800 systems.

  • HP splashes out on software acquisitions

    HP plans to acquire SRM startup AppIQ and IT asset management company Peregrine Systems for a combined total of over $700 million, according to sources.

  • Storage vulnerabilities you can't afford to miss

    This tip outlines common, yet critical, storage security vulnerabilities that are often overlooked when it comes to protecting sensitive data.