July 2005

  • Adopting an internal service provider or utility model

    Aligning policies and processes is a significant stride toward building a consolidated service provider model.

  • Storage Bin: The new vendor conundrum

    Security and privacy are giant data issues. Vendors who speak the new "solutions" language, and deliver products that offer encryption functionality, will steal market share from those who don't.

  • Snapshot: Disaster recovery plan development

    Do you have a DR plan?

  • Tape is not about to go away

    Tape gets an image boost

  • Storage security basics

    Is your firm focusing on performance and availability instead of security? Do you consider security "someone else's job"? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you need a storage security wake-...

  • The myths and realities of SATA

    There's a lot of rumors out there about SATA. This tip will clarify what is true and what is mere folklore, and details the proper usage of SATA drives.

  • FC and SCSI drive resiliency

    Storage expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader who asked a question regarding FC and SCSI drive resiliency.

  • Storage Clips: Indian bank outsources DR to IBM

    An India-based financial institution has brought IBM in to manage its data center and DR site; NAS gateway vendor ONStor licenses PyX iSCSI software.

  • Cisco storage chiefs retire en masse

    Cisco announced that Cafiero, Jiandani, Jain and Mazzola are retiring, leaving the company's storage business without proven leaders just as the business gains a foothold.

  • Behind the firewall 17

    Invista: What's in a name? ... Apple slicing up its business ... Can you spare $500,000 for a Magic Quandrant?

  • Clustering solves NAS scalability snag

    Fed up with monolithic NAS boxes that don't scale? Clustering provides a way out of the management headache that's being perpetuated by some industry players.

  • Storage Clips: Dell to use McData switch

    Dell is the latest to join McData's list of partners among server vendors; IBM group eyes data security standards; LeftHand and TimeSpring also announce new partnerships.

  • Smart Shopper: Users voice concern over manageability of NAS

    A survey conducted by SearchStorage on midrange NAS systems found that users are more interested today in the manageability of NAS than features like snapshot.

  • New backup strategies

    If your backup requirements include remote, unattended data centers; a five-minute RTO; a 15-minute RPO or a non-existent backup window, this tip is for you.

  • Storage Clips: Iomega to include file sharing

    Iomega will be shipping a basic version of a transparent file-sharing application, with all its hard drives.

  • Cisco in talks to acquire EMC?

    Summary: Word has it Cisco is considering a $43 billion acquisition of EMC. With all the storage mergers going on, is this possible?