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October 2005

  • Katrina data management snafus compound chaos

    IT clashes with bureaucracy in the wake of Katrina

  • Keeping the connected world connected

    Keeping the connected world connected

  • Strategic Storage: Honey, I shrunk the data center

    Storage directors look to cut costs by streamlining, standardizing and automating many data center processes.

  • Storage Clips: Top sales VP to leave Symantec

    Symantec's channel director will leave the company after 18 years; IBM announces SVC customer; Samsung steps into iSCSI, SATA market.

  • SATA gets safer for nearline apps

    Seagate's new NL35 drive provides workload management and error-recovery features that improve the reliability of SATA for nearline applications.

  • Will your disaster recovery plan work?

    No matter how many checklists a company creates, the number of disaster scenarios it considers or even how assiduously it backs up data, managers can't be confident in their firm's ability to recov...

  • Process frameworks and storage

    Process frameworks provide guidelines for improving storage practices and procedures. But understanding the differences between process, procedure and policy is essential. Here are 10 ways to ensur...

  • Safer SATA for nearline apps

    New SATA drivers tailored for nearline apps

  • Hidden threats to data

    Inadequacies in storage governance and weaknesses in data management may pose far less-visible risks to a company's data. To mitigate these threats, you must be aware of the impact and probability ...

  • Data grids for storage

    Data grids are used by the scientific community to access data resources around the world. Companies can use the principles underlying these global grids to link geographically dispersed sites.

  • Better capacity forecasting

    There are two methods for devising storage capacity forecasts: quantitative and qualitative. By combining the two, you can develop practical metrics that will make more accurate forecasts.

  • Keep remote offices in sync

    With regulatory compliance, data protection requirements and the need to share data, remote office data can no longer be ignored. Wide-area file system products can rein in and protect remote data.

  • Who should control the SAN?

    There's a tug-of-war going on over the storage network. Network people want to manage it, and so does the storage staff. But who should control the SAN?

  • Getting serious about data storage security

    A new survey indicates that recent high-visibility security breaches have caused storage managers to take storage security seriously.

  • Survey Says: SATA has staying power

    SATA has staying power

  • Really delete your data

    Permanent data destruction.

  • Simplified protection for end-user files

    DPM brings end-user file protection up a notch

  • Storage Bin: Behind the scenes

    Some small startups are smart, and they're responsible for much of today's storage innovation. But the storage giants might be even smarter—they're selling the startups' products.

  • Do you set disk quotas?

    Do you set disk quotas?

  • HDS CTO talks storage management

    Hu Yoshida, CTO at Hitachi, predicts it'll be five years before standards evolve enough for users to control all storage with one tool.