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October 2005

  • Storage Clips: Adaptec releases SAS products

    The company announced SAS components and subsystems; CA upgrades data protection software; EMC to resell Kasten Chase.

  • Users go for high-end VTL

    Early adopters of Copan's MAID array say it costs less to keep than other VTLs that don't have its power and cooling conservation, and it puts more disk in a smaller footprint.

  • Storage Clips: NetApp cozies up to IBM at RTP

    NetApp expands presence at Research Triangle Park, getting closer to IBM in its North Carolina home; Overland rejects ADIC.

  • Storage Clips: Brocade offers FICON for IBM mainframe

    Brocade announced that its SAN director will connect to IBM zSeries systems at 2 Gbps; Iron Mountain launched a new service for e-mail.

  • Understanding compliance: Beyond data protection

    Data retention is only one part of regulatory compliance. For storage, compliance can be grouped into two focus areas: data management and governance.

  • Storage Smarts Quiz: RAID

    Take a few minutes and test yourself on RAID with our Storage Smarts Quiz. Do you know which RAID type is the fastest or which one is seen in SATA environments?

  • Symantec fixes 'critical' Veritas flaw

    Attackers could launch malicious code by exploiting a security hole in Veritas NetBackup servers and clients. But Symantec has released a fix.

  • E-mail Archiving splash

    E-mail Archiving splash

  • Storage Clips: Gartner predicts storage spending slowdown

    Gartner says U.S. businesses will increase IT spending 5.5% next year, but spending on storage and security will level off; NetApp OEMs Kazeon.

  • Merger mania: How you can help the small storage companies

    After a lull of almost four years, merger mania is returning to the storage industry and the valuations are getting heady. As a user you have two choices: Have faith and buy from the startup. Or tell your...

  • Behind the scenes

    Some small startups are smart, and they're responsible for much of today's storage innovation. But the storage giants might be even smarter -- they're selling the startups' products.

  • Hurricane Katrina sparks data privacy concerns

    Microsoft posted private citizens' data online to help reunite families in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, raising concerns over privacy in these extraordinary circumstances.

  • Blue chips not always the best bet

    Blue-chip vendors are introducing CDP-like products but the real stuff is being developed by startups. Which way would you go?

  • geek speak

    Geek speak is how the uninitiated refer to the jargon and special vocabulary used by those immersed in computers and other fields of information technology.

  • Storage Clips: HP unveils SMB backup package

    HP has launched HP StorageWorks Data Protector Express backup and recovery software for SMBs.

  • Katrina data management snafus compound chaos

    A lack of planning and IT skills leaves the Red Cross scrambling to organize data into a system for refugees to search for missing loved ones.

  • Storage Clips: Brocade gets last-chance extension

    Nasdaq has given Brocade until Nov. 15 to get its filings for Q1 and Q2 together.

  • Crash Course: SAS

    Is serial-attached SCSI (SAS) right for your business needs? Take this Crash Course and find out now.

  • DAT USB drive

    A DAT USB drive is a tape drive with digital audio tape (DAT) that can be plugged into a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection as a simple and relatively low-cost way to back up data routinely, esp...

  • Katrina data management snafus compound chaos

    IT clashes with bureaucracy in the wake of Katrina