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May 2004

  • Disaster recovery for the masses

    Storage bin: Disaster recovery for the masses may be a reality in the not-so-distant future.

  • Dinosaurs walk the Earth

    Dinosaurs walk the Earth

  • The object is better backup

    New object-based backup may forever change the way backup is done. It drastically reduces volumes by backing up only the data that has changed.

  • Calculating parallel availability

  • Behind the firewall 9

    EMC is going iSCSI ... HDS is in step with disk backup ... Build your own NAS? ... NetApp's OnTap OS experiencing code confusion ... SNIA has free stuff for you.

  • Consolidating NAS pays off

    The role of network-attached storage may be changing as more and more storage managers discover the the benefits of using NAS to consolidate file servers.

  • WAN Links gain speed

    Can't get past the cost of doing high-speed remote replication? Latency problems driving you nuts? New TCIP/IP accelerators for IP storage promise some relief.

  • Veritas' StorageCentral formidable storage resource management application

    Veritas' StorageCentral may be Windows-only, but it's still a formidable storage resource management application.

  • Keep Archives Close at Hand

  • The best way to move data

    Don't get mired in sluggish data. There are best practices for migrating data from point A to point B. Here's how to pick the right method that fits with your company's needs and budget.

  • iSCSI: Are We There Yet?

  • Backup to Disk for Better Restore

  • Green light for disk spending

    The results from our semiannual Purchasing Intentions Survey are in. Storage managers are investing more in disk, but budgets for networked hardware are decreasing. The technology least likely to b...

  • Mainframe Storage on the Cheap

    IBM gives birth to a new baby Shark

  • Bridging SAN islands

    To help ensure that a change made to one part of the SAN doesn't interfere with the entire storage network, some new products claim to have developed a new switch-based intelligence that segregates...

  • Who's running the storage shop?

    Companies that set up a storage management group with well-defined job duties can eliminate redundancy and get more bang for their buck.

  • Serverless backup isn't the only solution for a SAN

    Storage expert Chris Poelker details why serverless backup isn't the only solution for a SAN and outlines some of the other options available.

  • User endures integration bump with Brocade blade switch

    Brocade has embedded a Fibre Channel switch into IBM's BladeCenter, but watch out for interoperability issues. An early user of the product had trouble connecting to switches from other vendors.

  • Users feel Sarbanes pains

    The cost and workload of meeting the deadline for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance is taxing large and small companies alike. Some question whether it will ultimately be a waste of money.

  • Storage management tools matrix

    Take some of the complexity out of buying storage mangement tools with this handy matrix. This PDF chart compares 15 storage management tools from all of the major vendors.