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April 2004

  • Snapshot: Number of terabytes of disk capacity managed

    How Many Terabytes Do You Manage?

  • Future Looks Hazy For Enterprise Drives

  • What NAS can do for Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft says it will support MS Exchange if the NAS devices are built on Windows Storage Server 2003. According to NAS expert Randy Kerns this is a significant development and a big advantage for...

  • BT Exact builds out with Brocade

    Moving to a SAN has helped the company save money by better utilizing its storage but the cost is a more hands-on process.

  • Behind the firewall 8

    Desktop-class Fibre Channel to replace ATA and SATA? ... LTO getting wormy? ... Open fabric management delayed until 2005 ... Cisco MDS switch not working as well as expected ... EMC launching tape.

  • DWDM a Boon for the Few

  • Firm Takes Standards Route For Compliance Vault

    Centera still too costly for some

  • Hashing Makes a Comeback

    Hashing is back

  • E-mail Management Derailed By Regulations

    Everyone wants a say in e-mail management.

  • How many storage admins do you need?

    When creating your dedicated storage management group, there are better ways to determine staff levels than relying on a simplistic metric based on the number of terabytes per manager.

  • IP storage delivers

    Despite all the FUD surrounding IP SANs, early users say IP-based storage isn't all that difficult to manage and that performance is sufficient. The key is knowing what applications IP SANs should ...

  • Why don't storage managers consider renting storage?

    Your pack-rat neighbor uses public storage to stash belongings that don't fit in his tiny townhouse. So why don't storage managers consider renting storage?

  • Disaster recovery relief

    The cost of disaster recovery tools can be even more than the value of the data that these very tools are supposed to be protecting. Fortunately, newer approaches to DR are restoring sanity to this...

  • Extreme backup

    Newsflash: Conventional data protection has reached its limits and will be dramatically changing in the next couple of years. But all roads don't lead to the same result. Here's how to analyze whic...

  • Intelligent confusion

    Intelligent confusion

  • Fabric-based SAN management software unveiled

    Emerging from its earlier stealthier stance, Incipient unveils its first network-based SAN management software at Storage Networking World.

  • Symantec: Not just security

    Dominant in the system security market, Symantec is expanding its portfolio of products to create integrated storage and system management solutions.

  • ADIC jumps on ILM bandwagon

    ADIC adds support for more operating systems and improved data migration procedures to StorNext Management software.

  • SNW in review

    If you missed the Storage Networking World conference we've got you covered. Catch up on the latest news with our extensive coverage from SNW.

  • ILM standard in the works?

    All signs at the Storage Networking World conference are pointing toward an Information Lifecycle Management standard in the works. But if true, what form would it take?