February 2004

  • More questions and answers from SAN School lesson # 5

    Here are additional questions and answers from SAN School Lesson 5: Designing a SAN. The questions cover topics ranging from how to determine an effective SAN design to meet your needs, to the diff...

  • More questions and answers from SAN school lesson # 8

    Here are SAN School Professor Chris Poelker's answers to more user submitted questions from SAN School Lesson 8, "Tying your SANs together." Q&A's cover topics ranging from what causes SAN problem...

  • The best practices of storage management

    If you're going to try new technologies, you need to implement them with new processes and procedures to maximize their benefits. This tip will show you how.

  • Veritas retires Business Server for new version of NetBackup

    Out with the old and in with the new. Veritas has retired NetBackup Business Server in favor of a new version of NetBackup for medium-sized businesses.

  • EMC upgrades Symmetrix DMX

    EMC has doubled the processor, memory and disk speeds of its Symmetrix DMX storage array. The company has also revamped its entire line of hardware products.

  • Defining critical storage management functions

    In this tip, expert Brett Cooper lists several leading areas critical to managing the day-to-day storage environment and a highlights a few improvements of current processes.

  • EMC upgrades Centera CAS system

    EMC has revamped its Centera Content Addressed Storage system with faster hardware and some new features for the mainframe.

  • EMC jumps on NAS gateway bandwagon

    EMC announced a pair of new Celerra NAS systems in an effort to capitalize on the popularity of NAS gateway deployments.

  • Where the SATA vs. SCSI race stands

    There is much talk about SATA storage taking over SCSI. How does SATA differ in its functionality with SCSI?

  • EMC launches new Clariion arrays

    EMC has announced a new line of Clariion CX networked storage systems that offer faster performance, more platform support and new software options.

  • EMC claims more competitive pricing

    Most of the news out of EMC Corp. in the past several months has revolved around software, the company's strategy on information life cycle management, and acquisitions. But now the Hopkinton, Mass...

  • Is 2004 the year of compliance?

    SearchStorage.com compliance expert Mike Casey offers his predictions for the year ahead in regulatory compliance.

  • Behind the firewall 6

    Veritas and Legato backup woes ... Cisco fails to foster storage knowledge ... Microsoft is playing musical chairs ... Startup Mendocino gobbles up Vyant's intellectual property.

  • Home is Where the Storage Is

    How much storage is in your home?

  • Are full backups dead?

    Tape may not be dead, but the way you use it can change. Consider increasing your use of incremental backup, particularly if you're integrating disk into your backup process.

  • Hot data storage startups

    There's finally some good economic news in the IT world, so perhaps it's time to investigate new storage startups. This article details the most innovative startups in the industry today.

  • Lost world or lost opportunity?

    Lost world or lost opportunity?

  • Implementing new data storage technologies

    There are many new technologies that you may want to try, but you need to implement them with new processes and procedures to maximize the benefits these new products bring.

  • Geeks and spies are running storage security

    Storage Bin: Geeks and spies--not business people--are running storage security, and that's not a good thing.

  • How to get the best service for the least amount of money

    Bringing in outside consultants and engineers can be risky. Read this article to find out how to get the best service for the least amount of money.