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December 2004

  • Geeks weigh in on the best movies of 2004

    The past year was a good one for the types of movies that technophiles love, and geeks everywhere say 2005 and beyond promise to be even better.

  • How to get SCSI reliability on a SATA budget

    If you want to deploy a SATA RAID but are still concerned about the reliability of conventional SATA disks, new high-reliablity disks provide an alternative.

  • Ten giggles from Geekville -- The top 10 missing links of 2004

    IT isn't exactly the stuff of comedians, but these 10 stories straight outta Geekville deliver some "wild, weird wacky stuff." In fact, four out of five dentists surveyed agree that at least one of...

  • Storage Clips: Rivals respond to Symantec-Veritas merger

    NetApp, EMC and CA pipe in about Symantec-Veritas; MPAK unveils e-mail archiving appliance; Banks clear checks electronically with Viewpointe.

  • Top 10 managing Windows-based storage tips of 2004

    This year, our Windows users longed to know how to make their systems go -- especially when those systems seemed to have stopped for no reason. Other popular topics included Shadow Copy and new fea...

  • Checklist: How to design LUNs for high performance

    If you want the best performance, you need to design your LUNs so they map effectively onto storage devices.

  • LTO program adds new generations

    LTO's first road map update includes capacity and speed increases for generations 5 and 6.

  • Top 10 storage management tips of 2004

    Age old questions and trends in emerging technologies dominated the list of this year's top tips on managing SAN and NAS.

  • Top 10 low-cost storage alerts of 2004

    New products and developing technologies made SATA, iSCSI and RAID big hitters on your list of low-cost storage topics. You were also cutting through the hype of vendor promise and finding out just...

  • Storage Clips: StorageTek certifies BlueArc, ONStor

    BlueArc, ONStor products join StorageTek partner program; Amerivault adds replication service; Avamar partners with Plasmon.

  • A new chapter in storage networking

    When I think of storage networking up until this past year, it's a simple picture. You've got big boxes full of Fibre Channel drives, connected to Fibre Channel switches. Or you've got similar big boxes...

  • Veritas users fear rocky roadmap

    As Veritas officially announced its merger with Symantec, users voiced concerns about support, product stability and integration challenges.

  • Is a Symantec-Veritas merger good for users?

    The probability of this deal going ahead sounds likely as it looks financially sound for both companies, but the benefit to users is less clear.

  • Top 10 backup tips of 2004

    Some things never change. Our top hitters in the backup tips section reflected your continued interest in disaster recovery planning and budget technologies such as SATA and RAID. And speaking of l...

  • Top 10 SAN/NAS technical tips of 2004

    This year, you were interested in building SANs from the ground up. Tips on SAN design, documentation, low-cost technologies such as iSCSI and basic zoning techniques drew well. The evolution of NA...

  • Grid gobbledygook hits storage

    Fearful as always of missing the boat, storage vendors are jumping on the grid bandwagon, unveiling visions that are about as useful today as a chocolate teapot.

  • Strategic Vendor Series: Brocade

    Brocade's performance has been up and down the past couple of years, but recent product introductions appear to be settling the company back into a position of strength.

  • Salary survey: Storage pros edge up

    "Storage" magazine's second annual Salary Survey finds salaries and bonuses inching upward despite a still sluggish economy. Even with hiring remaining flat, 2005 looks promising for storage salar...

  • Top 10 SAN/NAS trends of 2004

    What's on your mind, storage pros? This year, it was saving money -- no big shock there. Your interest in the declining price and improving reliability of SATA, RAID, iSCSI and NAS was stronger tha...

  • Storage Clips: NetApp certifies Atempo on SnapLock

    Atempo, NetApp team up for compliance; Arkeia offers hot backup plug-in for PostgreSQL databases; U.S. Census Bureau upgrades with 3PAR utility storage.